Don't mock my Mock Draft (Giants Edition) Part 2

This may not be my final mock, as I have yet to finalize my big board. It is almost done however and I would like to give you all a quick glimpse of what I see a really good collection of players for this draft.

1) Mike Pouncey OG/C- Florida: Provides versatility along the interior of the offensive line. Hope is that he takes over the C position sooner rather than later.


2) Bruce Carter OLB- UNC: Big time athlete. Big, strong and extremely fast, has as much natural ability as anyone outside of Patrick Peterson in this draft. Added value on special teams. A top 15 pick if not for a late season ACL tear that has prevented him from showing his wares this offseason but all indications are that he should be fine by seasons start.


3) Jaiqwan Jarrett SS- Temple: This is a player! One who I see maybe turning out to be the best safety in the draft class. Decent enough speed and adeqaute size don't tell the story of the havoc he could wreck in our defense. Intimidation is my word of choice, he would punish those who dared come into his area carrying a football as if it was ok. We put out a few QB's as a defense last season, look for him to put a few backs and receivers with his clean hard hitting style. Special teams demon.


4) Brandon Hogan CB- West Virginia: A second round talent with all you want in a CB but there are red flags that will cause him to fall. Public urination and DUI arrests will never endear anyone to a draft pick but he doesn't fall much further than the 4th round because he is so talented. KR/PR experience as well.


6) Anthony Sherman FB- UConn: Best all around FB in the draft. Dynamic lead blocker with SOFT hands. Core special teams player.


6) Julius Thomas TE- Portland State: Very athletic receiving TE who played basketball for 4 years before playing one year of football. Very inexperienced and raw but he could be the next ex-basketball player to make it at TE. As expected he must learn basically from scratch how to block. Developmental player is an understatement.


6) Mark Herzlich OLB- Boston College: Think this drastic slide isn't possible? It is to many, he won't be on a lot of teams draft boards because of his medical red flags. He has lost a lot of speed and quickness but I think the Giants are patient enough to know that he can get it back and be productive. A gamble well worth it.


7) Garrett Chisholm RT- South Carolina: Kareem McKenzie meet thine future replacement. A player well worth the late round consideration because he fought his way to becoming a starter after being a walk on. Late season ACL surgery dampens his stock but is a player who if groomed can have a future.


As you may have noticed I went with players who have special teams backgrounds as well as capabilities at their respective positions. 4 offensive and 4 defensive players in keeping with the balance that the Giants always seem to have when drafting. I don't see any of these picks as unrealistic but by all means, agree or disagree on whether you like or don't like. Only don't mock my mock draft.

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