Last Minute Mock!

Yeah I had no idea I was going to do one until a couple hours before draft time.  Somehow I finished. 

1. Panthers- Cameron Newton QB
I dislike the pick but they want a QB pretty badly.  With some holes to fill I don't think picking a risky QB in a deep class is worth the first pick but I digress.

2. Broncos- Marcell Dareus DT
Broncos really need to shore up that defense, especially with regards in the running game.  Dareus is a beast and is considered the top DT.  I think Miller is a smokescreen.

3. Bills- Patrick Peterson CB
One of the times where BPA meets with a need.  Peterson is straight up on a league of his own in regards to defensive players.  

4. Bengals-  AJ Green WR
Whoever the QB of the Bengals is, that person could use an excellent WR.  You can find a quality QB prospect in round two unless the bizarre happens again but Green would be a great choice.

5. Cardinals-Von Miller OLB
Miller's stock may be rising but I think he'll "fall" here. Miller's a great pass rusher with a good build.  The Cardinals would be thrilled if this happens.

6. Browns- Julio Jones WR
Colt McCoy needs a target.  Julio is that guy.  He posted great combine numbers while being injured.  No reason to not get him here.

7. 49ers- Prince Amukamara CB
The niners if you want to use eyes, yards or advanced stats are consistently shown as among the league's worst in defending the pass.  A stud CB like Prince over here can help in that regard.

8. Titans - Blaine Gabbert QB
I'm not high on the 5 QBs in the first round train.  But I think the Titans will get one in the first and Gabbert unlike Vince Young has no character concerns.  

9. Cowboys- Tyron Smith OT
Just like the rest of the NFC East teams the Cowboys should use the draft to solidify their offensive line.  Tyron is raw but has the most upside.  Protecting Romo is a must. 

10. Redskins- Nick Fairley DL
Fairley has slipped but he's still got talent.  Wasn't too long ago where he was the consensus number one pick.  The defensive line could potentially be filthy if they got him.

11. Texans- Aldon Smith DE/OLB
It's appearing likely if Smith is here he'll be the pick.  He's a tweener but he's a fit for Wade Phillip's system.

12. Vikings -JJ Watt DE
The Vikings could use an end and I'm hot high on any of the other QB's this high.  That's just me but Watt looks like a safe but good pick.

13. Lions- Akeem Ayers OLB
Lions desperately need an OLB and Ayers in my opinion is the best for the 4-3.  His stock hasn't been great since the combine but I wouldn't be surprised if the Lions still go this route.

14. Rams- Da'Quan Bowers DE
Yeah his knee is troubling but the upside is ridiculous.  The Rams would be packing some beef in that line with Bowers.

15. Dolphins- Ryan Mallet QB
Mallet will fall to the later part of the draft and I think the Dolphins will pounce on him.

16. Jaguars- Cameron Jordan DE
Another value pick that fills a need.  Could use a LB but no one is worth it here.

17. Patriots- Mike Pouncey C/OG
the Patriots also have some concerns in their line.  And it's the Patriots they are looking to the future. With a possible departure of Mankins next season, Pouncey can step in that role.

18. Chargers-Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB
I have no damn idea how the top 3 defense and the top 3 offense miss the playoffs but I don't see much needs for the team.  But Ryan Kerrigan fills in one of those needs.

19. Giants- Corey Liuget DT
He's undersized but he's on the defensive line and has pass rushing skills.  Jerry Reese drops everything and gets him. 

20. Buccaneers- Justin Houston DE/OLB
The Bucs have a solid interior in their defensive line but Houston can be their pass rusher for a very intimidating front four.

21. Chiefs- Phil Taylor DT
Chiefs could use a stronger defensive line and Taylor can provide that.  Rumor has it that the Chiefs are really looking into him.

22. Colts- Nate Solder LT
Solder drops all the way here.  All the Colts need to do is give Peyton time and anything can happen.  Sold  ris raw but filled with talent and potential.

23. Eagles- Gabe Carimi RT
The Eagles need to protect Vick's blindside and Carimi is a plug and play tackle.  Clay Matthews much to my delight abused the Eagles line but with Carimi there they have solid protection.

24. Saints- Mark Ingram RB
He falls all the way down here.  He'll make the Saints explosive and dominating offense that much scarier.

25. Seahawks- Jake Locker QB
I see the QB's all going down here.  Seahawks can get one with good value here.

26. Ravens- Brandon Harris CB
The Ravens too could sue a quality CB.  I think Harris is a great value here despite a smallish size.

27. Falcons- Adrian Clayborn DE
The Falcons will get a great pass rusher to go along with John Abraham.  

28. Patriots- Robert Quinn DE
There's always that good prospect that falls and perhaps it'll be Quinn.  He'll fill the biggest hole the Pats have in a pass rusher. 

29. Bears- Anthony Castonzo OT
Bears offensive line has been pretty bad last year despite their adjustments.  I enjoyed the 11 or something sacks that the GMen got but with Castonzo it'll be hard to come close.

30. Jets-  Muhammad Wilkerson NT
Ryan needs a nose for the Jets defense and Wilkerson is a pretty huge guy.  Fills in a need.

31. Steelers- Jimmy Smith CB
Jennings killed the Steelers corners in the Super Bowl.  With a corner their shut down defense becomes even better.

32. Packers- Derrek Sherrod OT
Packers have a decent line but they're going to need depth with some aging players.  Sherrod drops all the way here and the Super Bowl champs get better.

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