2011 NFL Draft Predictions:Swami Edition

Well my Big Blue Brothers congragulations to us on how hardcore we all are for the greatest organization in Pro Football.We've followed the offseason that was up in the air when most wouldn't, we've been watching film,reading scouting reports,and throwing out our two let's have some fun and see what we've got!

I'll throw out a few topics for prediction just for example,some obvious,some off the top of my head,but if you think you see something I didn't list throw it out there anyhow.For the sake of making it readable when I finalize mine I'll try to make mine structured like a list with(hopefully)just brief explanations,but no real format needs to be,you guys know what to do.

I'm actually gonna just throw out my 1st rounder prediction on the comment page and chime in later as things come to me,rather than list them in the fanpost body like I'm an expert..oh and all the trades you want obviously..

Sample  #1: Who will be the Giants 1st round pick?Who should it be?Or just predict as many selections as you want.

Sample #2: #1 overall pick or top 10,if your down to pick that many.

Sample #3: Offensive/Defensive rookie of the year.

Sample #4 Biggest bust.If you see a few, go for it.

Sample #5 Biggest surprise pick.Give a brief detail.For example,no one thought Tyson Aloualou would go #10 last year.Or someone who may drop and where he'll go.

Sample #6 Predict all three of our division rivals 1st round pick.

Sample #7 How many trades will Bill Belicheck pull off?

Sample #8 How many QB's will go in the top 10/Entire 1st round.

Sample #9 How many of our BBV Mock Draft 1st rounders are right?

Sample #10 You pick 'em..

I'm not saying anything right away because I don't want to influence much..other than that we will see Pouncey at 19 in Blue and he will cry his eyes out!

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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