National Football Posts Greg Gabriel Breaks Down "The Wiz"

I've made it pretty clear about my dislike for taking Pouncey in the first round, and hoping and praying that Wisniewski is available in the second round. Today I stumbled across a breakdown of Stefen Wisnewisi by Greg Gabriel who use to work as a scout for the Buffalo Bills and was apart of the Giants front office for 16 years, then he was director of college scouting for the Chicago Bearsm and he also has six years of experience on the NFL advisory committee.


Anyway, I wrote all of that basically to say that Gabriel knows how to scout. He's also seems to be board on me with the Wiz, though I don' t know how he feels about pouncey because don't think he's broken down Pouncey yet.

. I'm going to bold the reasons why I think Wiz is a better fit for the Giants, and why I'd  even rather have him at 19 than Pouncey, if I had to choose between the two.


He is not the smoothest athlete you will ever see but he is plenty good enough and is very efficient. He has good size at 6-3 and 313 pounds and his numbers in all the drills at the Combine compare very favorably with Mike Pouncey. In the run game he has excellent initial quickness. He is a strong and explosive run blocker and very technically sound. Once he gets his hands on an opponent it’s all over. He has excellent sustain. With his power he gets movement and he doesn’t stop until the whistle blows. Penn State pulls their guards more than most teams and he is a good space player and is consistent adjusting on the move. He is very similar in the screen game, getting to his blocks on the perimeter without a problem. In pass protection he gets out of his stance quickly and gets his hands on his opponent almost instantly. He has a good punch and locks on. He plays with good knee bend and keeps his back straight and never gives ground to bull rushers. He has real good mirror ability showing the agility to stay with opponents versus counter moves. He is an alert player and does a good job picking up stunts and blitzes and consistently looks to help out when free.


I think the part that I like about Wisniewski the most is not only he was good at center in 2009, but also that he has shown that he's very effective pulling, which is something the Giants love to do and that he also goes to the whistle. He's also 10 pounds heavier than Pouncey, and has just as good if not better splits on the drills that show short-area quickness, which is more important for offensive linemen. He is also a smarter, in my opinion, football player than Pouncey is as well.


I don't know if the Wiz will make it to the Giants in round two, but I do hope the Giants consider trading back this year. Maybe with a QB needy team, or a team like the Saints who could want to jump the Buccaneers, Colts, Eagles, Chiefs to grab an OLB/DE because all of those teams could be interested in the best Defensive linemen available.


I'm just glad the draft is less than two weeks away now and there will actually be some football action going on. No Free Agency has really made it seem like the off-season is bogging down a bit.


What are you guys thoughts?


There's more on the Wiz and he also breaks down Ben Ijalana in the same post. Here

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