Tiki Barber Torched By Big Blue View Readers

I promised you guys on Tuesday that I would compile some of my favorite comments from the Tiki Barber posts and feature them. In case you missed them, here they are. I have not chosen all of the hilarious ones for a various of reasons -- taste, grammar, etc. And I shied away from some of the funny pictures, but I hope you guys will still enjoy this.

There are many, many more incredible comments and photos than the ones I posted here. If you haven't read the comment posted by 'The Wenz' assessing Barber's comeback you really need to. Anyway, you guys outdid yourselves here.

via scrapetv.com
-- Posted by EJAAY

to play football... really?
-- Flynner

The prediction of 2011
Tiki Barber rookie of the year Las Vegas Locos
-- The Wenz
(By the way, Vegas coach Jim Fassel said he would be "happy to have" Barber play for the Locos).

Maybe a team will sign him
in the hopes that his departure will be such a lift, they'll win the Superbowl the following year in complete defiance of all expectations.
-- Simms-McConkey

Just when the NFL got rid of Brett Favre...
-- Philadelphia Eagles (Yes, we can acknowledge an Eagles fan who contributes something valuable)

I'm actually kinda shocked that Tiki didn't break the news himself.
I mean, he is the best Sports reporter in the biz!!!
-- Andiamo

i think [Matt] Dodge needs a towel boy.
-- hit_hard

can tiki coach special teams?
-- espnsucks

So his career on the Today Show, NBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports and his family wasn't enough for him?
-- nihcman

via t1.gstatic.com
-- Posted by nywins42

wow, home sick, fell a sleep... woke up
And things got real strange for a second. I could've sworn somebody said Tiki was coming back?
I know, I know, it's crazy talk. but I swear for a second I really thought I'd slept myself into an bizzaro universe.
Wow that was unsettling
-- Flynner

He should really be used in camp as a hitting dummy.
-- Jonathan

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