2011 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin

How about some more offensive line talk?

Let's spend today's 2011 NFL Draft prospect profile on Wisconsin guard John Moffitt. I had the pleasure of covering Moffitt all year long in Madison, and he was always the go-to quote for most of the media. Along with forming the rock-solid left side of the offensive line (with LT Gabe Carimi) that carried the Badgers to within three points of a Rose Bowl victory, Moffitt was a main leader on offense. He often played the role of the chatty/funny guy, but he would never hesitate to get on anybody's case when needed.

Now listed at 6-foot-4, 319 pounds, Moffitt possesses good size for an NFL guard. He is a smart player who will understand pro schemes, but his strength and athleticism have been questioned by scouts. Moffitt did start 15 games at center for UW, and teams will likely give him plenty of looks at that position, as well.

Scouting reports after the jump.

John Moffitt
G, Wisconsin
6-foot-4, 319 pounds
Projection: Rounds 2-4

Scouting Reports

From NFL.com:

Moffitt was an integral part of a dominant offensive line for the Badgers in 2010. He looks the part of an NFL guard with a great frame and a thick lower half. He displays very good football intelligence and understands blocking schemes. However, he lacks the strength and overall athleticism to be effective at the next level against faster and stronger athletes. He loses leverage off the line and struggles to generate a good push at the point of attack. Moffitt also lacks a killer instinct and sometimes looks defeated on film in tough games. Despite these concerns, Moffitt has a great frame and potential to develop and he should get his name called in the later rounds.

Strengths: Moffitt is tall and well built with adequate speed. Heady player that recognizes stunts and blitzes quickly to thwart the pass rush. Athletic enough to pull and trap and takes good angles at linebackers in the second level. Very productive leading a great running attack at Wisconsin.

Weaknesses: Lacks explosion off the ball and struggles to make blocks against athletic defensive lineman. Plays too high and is not a powerful drive blocker despite his size. Lunges at times making him susceptible to double moves. Does not look comfortable blocking in a zone scheme. Does not show a mean streak.

From National Football Post:

Is an above-average bender for his size and does a decent job getting set out of his stance quickly in pass protection. Looks comfortable shuffling his feet and staying patient as a puncher. However, isn't a real rangy guard and will struggle to mirror in space. Possesses only average lateral range inside and lacks the type of power and hand placement to lock out through on contact once an opposing lineman gains a step.

Will get his arms outside the pads of the defenders and can be out-leveraged and bullied into the backfield. Now, does look natural sliding his feet and keeping his base down through contact once he get his hands on you, but lacks the type of lateral agility to simply hold up one-on-one on an island inside.

Doesn't exhibit a great first step off the snap in the run game, either. Has a tendency to allow defenders to get into his frame initially and lacks the type of pad level to get under opposing linemen and consistently drive them off the football. Consistently is just forced to turn defenders from the play on contact and ends up on the ground routinely because of it. Looks athletic enough to get out to the second level in the run game and has average range when asked to pull, but really struggles to break down and consistently hit/seal a moving target.

Impression: Wasn't the type of in-line run blocker I expected and needs to play in tighter quarters in order to be effective. Doesn't look like much more than a reserve type in the NFL.

From Sideline Scouting:

Positives: Versatile, will get a lot of looks at center, as well... Good size and reasonably good strength at POA... Good run blocker, with very solid power... Stays low and generally plays with good leverage... Very solid drive blocker... Can get movement and open holes in the running game... Tough, mauler, plays with a mean streak... Can control and steer defender once he locks on... Pulls reasonably well, can get to the second level... Carries his pads well... Adequate flexibility and body control... Attacks his assignments on the move, will throw his body around... Very solid pass blocker... Sets up reasonably quick... Patient, can sit back in his stance and absorb contact, good anchor... Does a nice job extending his arms and working his hands... Good forceful punch... Very solid bender... Good short area slide... Can generally get in the way and establish position.

Negatives: Doesn't always breakdown well in space... Doesn't always do an especially good job keeping his feet underneath him... More of a get-in-the-way type than actual contact-maker in space... On the ground a little too much... Struggles to maintain good hand placement, hands get too wide and high... Allows defenders inside his pads and will occasionally lose battle for leverage... Can be walked back into pocket... Not very explosive, doesn't really fire out of his stance... Can be beat by quicker defenders... Can be a little slow resetting.

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