The Hate Game - The Final Round (Thursday)

Please rec this post to keep it on top.



For the sake of fairness, new rules are in place for the top ten.

1) Everyone is back to just two points per day. Even if you got killshots before.

2) You cannot save a team anymore. You can only kill.


1) St. Louis 51

2) Detroit 33

3) Houston 29

4) Kansas City 27








1) Philadelphia Eagles Finishing Blow by OregonBlu.

2) Dallas Cowboys Finishing Blow by Simms-McConkey.

3) New York Jets Finishing Blow by tito (eight and oh).

4) Washington Redskins Finishing Blow by daddyzander.

5) Baltimore Ravens Finishing Blow by OregonBlu.

6) New England Patriots Finishing Blow by DaddyZander.

7) San Diego Chargers Finishing Blow by WillgFass.

8) Pittsburgh Steelers Finishing blow by 56therealLT. 

9) Minnesota Vikings Finishing Blow by Plaxico Burress

10) Chicago Bears Finishing Blow by jcalafiore.

11) San Francisco 49ers Finishing Blow by KumaBlue42.

12) New Orleans Saints Finishing Blow by 56therealLT. 

13) Tennessee Titans Finishing Blow by jcalifiore. 

14) Carolina Panthers Finishing Blow by Larry Soprano. 

15)  Oakland Raiders Finishing Blow by Simms-McConkey. 

16) Green Bay Packers Finishing Blow by KumaBlue42.

17) Denver Broncos Finishing Blow by tommy d. 

18) Seattle Seahawks Finishing Blow by tito (eight and oh). 

19) Atlanta Falcons  Finishing Blow by KumaBlue42.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Finishing Blow by KumaBlue42

21) Jacksonville Jaguars Finishing Blow by Larry Soprano

22) Buffalo Bills Finishing Blow by nyg94

23) Cincinnati Bengals Finishing Blow by nyg94

24) Arizona Cardinals Finishing Blow by BigBlueIntervention

25) Cleveland Browns Finishing Blow by wangstu13

26) Miami Dolphins Finishing Blow by jcalafiore.

27) Indianapolis Colts Finishing Blow by BigBlueIntervention

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