BBV's Most (and Least) Hated Teams [DAY 8 UPDATE-Vote for Day 9]


This was adapted from SBNation's Music City Miracles, the Titans blog, by natidawg. Credit should be given to him.


Basically, each NFL team will be given a certain number of points. Each poster can choose to "Heal" a certain team (that they like) and they will be given a point, or "Kill" a team, and a point will be taken away. You can perform two actions every 24 hrs. You can even "Double Kill" a team if you really, really don't like them for your daily two actions or "Double Heal" a team if you really, really love them. Once a team is eliminated, obviously you can't vote for them anymore.

For example:

Philadelphia Eagles: 8 points

St. Louis Rams: 14 points

BigBlueIntervention: Save St. Louis and Kill Filthadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles: 7 points

St. Louis Rams: 15 points

The point is to get a feeling about which teams BBV likes and dislikes and will ultimately give a ranking from 1-32. Obviously the Giants won't be included and I get the feeling two teams will be eliminated quite quickly. It's simple and pointless, but hey, we do it because we can.

If y'all aren't feeling it, I'll just delete it, but if you are, rec it to keep it up top and I'll edit it daily until we're out of teams. We'll start with 32 points for each team, so let's get it.


    1) St. Louis 41
    2) Indianapolis 38
    3) Oakland 37
    4) Detroit 35
    5) Arizona 34
    6) Houston 33
    6) Cincinnati 33
    6) Carolina 33
    6) Kansas City 33
    10) Seattle 32
    10) Jacksonville 32
    10) Tennessee 32
    10) Miami 32
    10) San Francisco 32
    15) Cleveland 31

    16) Denver 30
    16) Tampa Bay 30
    18) Buffalo 29
    18) Green Bay 29

    20) Chicago 26
    21) New Orleans 25
    22) Minnesota 24
    22) Atlanta 24
    24) San Diego 12
    25) Pittsburgh 9
    26) New England 3


    1) Philadelphia Eagles
    Finishing Blow by OregonBlu. You now have one extra action per day.
    2) Dallas Cowboys Finishing Blow by Simms-McConkey. You now have one extra action per day.
    3) New York Jets Finishing Blow by tito (eight and oh). You now have one extra action per day.
    4) Washington Redskins Finishing Blow by daddyzander. You now have one extra action per day.
    5) Baltimore Ravens Finishing Blow by OregonBlu. You now have on extra action per day.

    All those who voted already for DAY 9, and any new players, can now vote for DAY 10.

    ******NEW RULE******

    To speed things up, the Titans blog implemented a new rule that gives posters EXTRA POINTS. This is the new rule:

    You may use your two (or three) points as usual. If you see a post that you agree with, reply to that post with an "AGREE" to add an extra free point to that action. This may be done ONLY ONCE PER DAY and a post can be agreed with ONLY ONCE. So if someone already used their "agree" action, too bad. If the post is a split vote, you can choose which one you want to help (or hurt). If this results in eliminating a team, congrats! You provided the finishing blow and will be credited for it. For example:

    BigBlueIntervention: Double Kill Baltimore
                             Simms-McConkey: AGREE (-1 Baltimore)


    tito (eight and oh): Kill San Francisco and Save Detroit
                              56 THE REAL LT: AGREE (+1 Detroit)

    This game, which originated on the Titans blog by natidog, has spread all over SBNation! I'll be posting links to other sites, so we can see how our beloved Giants hold up in the rankings from all over the NFL.

Music City Miracles (Titans)

Acme Packing Company (Packers)

Pride of Detroit (Detroit)

Hogs Haven (Redskins)

Behind the Steel Curtain (Steelers)

Bleeding Green Nation (Philadelphia)

Pats Pulpit (Patriots)

Revenge of the Birds (Cardinals)

Niners Nation (49ers)

IF YOU CAN, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHER BLOGS. The hope is to have one monster aggregate ranking at the end so that we'll know who the most favorite and most hated teams in America are!

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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