New York Giants Notes: Who Turned Out the Lights Edition

GREEN BAY WI - DECEMBER 26: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers is chased out of the pocket against the New York Giants at Lambeau Field on December 26 2010 in Green Bay Wisconsin. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

It's eerily quiet on the NFL front this week. The Super Bowl was three days ago, and just like last year, the Pro Bowl is over as well. Then, throw on top of that the fact that there is a labor dispute putting a damper on free agency, and you have a whole lot of question marks. But let's see if there are a few news tidbits in Giants-land....

Giants fan reaction: Packers win Super Bowl XLV, Giants wonder "what If" - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Green Bay Packers and the team's fans owe the New York Giants defense a thank you note at the very least. A gift card would also be a nice gesture.....The story, as all New York and Green Bay football fans know by now, actually begins all the way back on December 19. Just like the Giants team from three years back, Green Bay's run toward a Super Bowl victory began with a loss against the New England Patriots; the team's final loss of the season. Green Bay's most fortunate stroke of luck came earlier on that fateful mid-December Sunday.

The article goes on to discuss how the new CBA (or lack thereof) might dictate changes to the Giants' roster that make them a whole different team. But it also keeps going back to December 19. Remember how we all thought that game would be our own worst recurring nightmare? It sure has turned out that way so far.

The top 10 should-have-been Super Bowl MVPs - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
5. Super Bowl XXV - Thurman Thomas, RB, Buffalo Bills Since Chuck Howley already took care of the weird precedent of a losing player winning MVP, let's go ahead and slap another one on a member of the losing side. New York Giants running back Ottis Anderson won the MVP in the game that featured Scott Norwood's "wide right" kick in a 20-19 squeaker, but Thomas outgained Anderson on the ground (135 rushing yards to 102), and most certainly through the air (55 yards to 7). Little doubt that Thomas would have been the game's MVP had Norwood made the kick - he was simply the best player in the game. So why deny him that small nod just because one guy couldn't make a field goal?

Maybe Scott Norwood should have won it either way? Snap! Sorry, Bills' fans, I know that was a low blow. At least there is no game Sunday for me to have bad karma after making that comment. I might, however, have to watch my step today on the streets of Madison.

A Good Deed by DeSean Jackson -
The Fifth Down still thinks DeSean Jackson should wait until he crosses the goal line before celebrating. But he and two of his Eagles teammates deserve credit for appearing on "The View" to support a boy who spoke about a particularly egregious case of school bullying. The look on the boy’s face upon seeing Jackson, his favorite player, is worth a click.

Are you waiting for the link to click on it? Sorry, it's still DeSean Jack***, I mean Jackson. Of course I applaud him for showing up for this kid, but part of me just wants this guy to stay home in the offseason and stop making headlines.

Speaking of the Eagles, I'll leave you with this article about how rumors were rampant recently when the team had to do damage control when former Eagles' fullback Kyle Eckel posted something on his Facebook page about Jon Gruden replacing Andy Reid as head coach. Funny stuff indeed.

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