This Year's JPP and How We Could Avoid The Epic Rage

Rewind to 2009 but if it's too painful I'll give a quick recap.  Our defense sucked.  End of of story.  Thanks for reading.  

But seriously our defense sucked due to our horrendous secondary.  Our young, upcoming beast of a safety was KIA and we had people like CC Brown with no place on an NFL team starting for us.  Our linebacker core isn't scaring any offense especially with Antonio Pierce gone.  Our back 7 could have all used a good revamp.  Our defensive tackles played pretty bad too in 2009 with Ed claiming it was one of the Giants biggest needs last offseason.  An upgrade there could have been nice.  Now some wanted another DE to bring back the 4 headed DE monster.  It helps the defense though the position is already pretty stacked for the GMen.  So a lot wanted Derrick Morgan to help the defensive line. One person that was incredibly disliked was Jason Pierre Paul.

JPP is a monster.  His physical attributes are perfect for being an end with long arms to kill the QB with for example.  He has great athleticism evidenced by doing 15 or so back handsprings in a row with pads.  Sounds like the perfect specimen for a DE.  But he hasn't translated his size, and athleticism in college putting up subpar numbers.  He was very raw and looked to be a project.

With the 15th Overall Pick in the 2010 Draft as we all know we got JPP.  If you were here you know that in 3 seconds 1,000+ comments screamed in horror.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Our defense needed help NOW and it doesn't help that it had to be in a position least needed on the team besides WR and QB.  I'm not gonna lie I was upset too.

Now come back to today and we are pretty happy with that JPP did.  4.5 sacks and 2 FF.  Decent for a rookie especially considering the fact Coughlin loves him his vets.  It's scary what he can become.  So we all turned a 360 and the outrage towards JPP proved to be wrong.  Reese was right about him.  He did his homework.

So after this rather long intro we come into this year's draft.  Many mock drafts have us selecting an OT with our aging line.  Not a bad move at all but without a sure number one OT prospect we're usually left guessing who that pick will be randomly.  So you know who it is by now but this year's JPP may be Tyron Smith.  It's not an exact comparison of course but it's good enough seeing as both are/were unwanted in the pre-draft months, both are extremely athletic, both have considerable upside, and both have considerable floors.  JPP was raw and Smith will possibly be raw at the LT position since he played RT for his college career.  JPP however has the perfect build where Smith is a little small.  Recent reports however have him being 305 pounds but we have no idea how his performance will hold up.  If you don't know him by now he's basically a very athletic dude who has quickness and good strength despite being underweight at the position.  If he's going to be drafted by the Giants he's gonna need to play LT and he only played RT.

Thing is Smith seems like the Jerry Reese type of pick.  He's got the athleticism and strength.  He's got somewhat of a project able body being pretty young too.  He may end up being a project getting used to playing 20 pounds heavier and at a new position all at the NFL level.  And hell Reese kinda did get him already.


(Let's hope he gets a good chance to start this year, eh?)

While I won't fall in love with the pick if Reese goes this route we have to remember, In Reese we trust.  Believe me I thought it was pretty idiotic saying that last year.  I thought JPP would bust hard.  But he showed me that he knows what he is doing and I have a feeling whether it's good or not, time will tell, that Smith has a great chance of being the 19th overall pick.  We gotta try to understand it now because we're probably going to need a head start to quelling the rage.  So on draft day we hear Tyron Smith is the guy let's remember that Reese is a BAMF and he knows what to do.

Though if I may add despite what i wrote if they pick a DE not named Bowers with their first pick, rage away.

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