Shutdown Corner: Should we go all out for Nnamdi Asomugha or attempt to Draft one

Do we wanna throw all that money at Asomougha
Do we wanna go through a devolpment process

Lets start with the draft prospects.

here are some of the rankings

OVR Pos. Rank Player Pos. School Ht. Wt. Proj. Rd. Stock 40 Time
1 1 Patrick Peterson CB LSU 6-1 212 1 same 4.42
8 2 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska 6-0 205 1 same 4.49
24 3 Brandon Harris CB Miami (Fla.) 5-11 195 1-2 same 4.45
30 4 Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 6-2 205 1-2 same 4.49
34 5 Aaron Williams CB Texas 6-1 195 1-2 same 4.49
55 6 Davon House CB New Mexico State 6-0 184 2 same 4.46
57 7 Curtis Brown CB Texas 6-0 180 2 same 4.42
67 8 Brandon Burton CB Utah 6-0 185 2-3 same 4.49
71 9 Johnny Patrick CB Louisville 5-11 185 2-3 same 4.47
76 10 Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia 6-2 200 2-3 injury 4.54
87 11 Chimdi Chekwa CB Ohio State 5-11 190 3 injury 4.49
91 12 Shareece Wright CB Southern California 5-11 182 3 same 4.51
100 13 Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech 5-10 185 3-4 same 4.38
102 14 Brandon Hogan CB West Virginia 5-10 190 3-4 injury 4.43
122 15 Curtis Marsh CB Utah State 6-0 194 4 same

4.44 (ofcourse you have to be an insider (like $10) a month to get the real rankings)

It looks like everybody is agreeing that Patrick Peterson, Price Amukamara, And Brandon Harris are in that order the top 3 CB prospects in the 2011 NFL draft. Brandon Harris looks to be the one that's most likely left at #19, and a draft prospect file was just done on him, so i won't get into that.

Nnamdi Asomugha:

What more is there to be said about Asomougha. Many believe he is the best CB in the NFL (myself included). he is the definition of shutdown corner. here is his ESPN Player Profile:

There is however a downside to Nnamdi, he is aproaching  30 years old, and will cost MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Dollars. that said, he is proven, and we know what he is.

It's very rare to find a true shutdown corner in the NFL, and having one gives you the edge to know that you can put one guy at one half of the field and not worry about a big play or a td. having a shutdown corner also helps with the pass rush, allowing you to bring multiple blitzers every single down. every shutdown defense needs a shutdown player in the secondary. i want one for the giants.

what should we do, should we attempt to draft an unproven, prospect. or chase an expensive veteran.

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