Free Agents who do we want, who do we need

Hopefully there is a free agency this year.

There are some positions that obviously need help, wether it be the aging ofensive line or the untalented linebacking core.

but there are positions that can use an upgrade too. like

FB- does anybody see hedgecock coming back, and i love bear but he's not the longterm solution were looking for

TE- Boss drops too many passes and gets too many hits to the head, a solid backup or even another starting quality TE wouldn't hurt

CB- not much more to be said then Nmadi Asomougha is a free agent

PR/KR- do i really need to explain

Punter- not to replace dodge but to make him earn his job

here are some Free agents i found interesting


DeAngelo Williams (CAR)

if we are missing a piece in the bradshaw jacobs puzzle he could fill it. but i don't see us paying him

Darren Sproles (SD)

Seams like a good option if bradshaw is gone he can also help in the return game, but i don't see SD letting him.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE)

no point in discussing NE will lock him up

Leon Washington (SEA)

Even if bradshaw and jacobs stays, the best KR in the game could be usefull, espescially in the pass game


Zach Miller (OAK)

Zach miller is one of the most underrated TE's in the NFL, He's an ELITE pass catcher, and a very good blocker. with or without boss we would want Zach Miller on the giants.

Marcedes Lewis (JAC)

Good pass catcher, i can see him complimenting Boss.

Owen Daniels, HOU

Has injury problems, but has potential to become an elite pass catching TE in the NFL, he can also compliment Boss.

OL (I'll just list a few of these)

Tyson Clabo (ATL)

Doug Free (DAL)

Jared Gaither (BAL)

Carl Nicks (NO)

Logan Mankins (NE)


Haloti Ngata (BAL)

No doubt baltimore will do everything to re-sign him, but he was worth a mention

Richard Seymour (OAK)

I forgot he was still alive, maybe if we sign him he'll stop complaining about him being held in superbowl 42


Brandon Mebane (SEA)

Good natural speed and leverage, very underated, has a Great work ethic

Pat Williams (MIN)

He's older than Seymour, but he's still got it.


Chad Greenway (MIN)

We all know about greenway, the only question is will the vikings let this gem go

LaMarr Woodley (PIT)

One of the best OLB's in the game, he is a few steps away from elite status and there is no garauntee that PIT will re-sign him

Tamba Hali (KC)

One of the best pass rushing LBers in the NFL, he's got NYG written all over him


Johnathan Joseph (CIN)

Physical and aggresive, if he's not franchised keep an eye on him

Brent Grimes (ATL)

Had a great season last year but i don't see him as an upgrade to who we have

Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK)

Saved the best for last, if we were to spend money this offseason this is where to go, in my opinion the best CB in the NFL.

If there is Free Agency this offseason, who do you want, someone above, someone else, no one????

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