Is the NFL a Quarterback's league or a Coaches league?

I want to know who has more impact, or, who is more important to a team's success, the QB or the coach?

I keep looking at team's successes over the last few years and I cannot come to a definitive answer, if there even is one. There are examples that can support both sides of this discussion. There may not be a definitive answer, but I want to hear the always intelligent opinions of the members of BBV.

My inclination is to lean towards a QB league. Example #1: I dont care who coaches big bro Peyton Manning, as long as he has a somewhat capable GM drafting WR's, that man is gonna throw TD passes to the boys who line up for the Colts on Sunday's. And he is gonna win with these players despite a less than stellar defense.

Example #2 is the long list of WR's who Tom Brady made great in NE who did nothing elsewhere. Deion Branch, Wes Welker, Givins, come to mind as fella's who failed at other places, but helped an offense in NE score alot and win alot.

In a general sense, look at the best QB's other than Peyton and Brady: Brees, Rodgers, Favre, Rivers, Ben, Eli, Warner, McNabb, these have been the best QB's over the last few years (forgive me if I miss somebody). These guys win.

How about the great coaches. I've seen these guys lose. Guys like Fischer(no QB), Gibbs(no QB), Parcells in Dallas(no Qb), Parcells in NY(no QB) not be able to win it all.

The amazing thing is you can take a guy like Parcells in NY and say he won despite not having a great QB, he just did'nt win it all (although he did so in 1990 with Hos). 

My question is centered on recent history, like the past 10-15 years, after the NFL was well established in the Free Agency, Salary Cap Era. I think this as an argument that can really be a toss up, BUT, I would love to see someone prove me wrong that it is not a Quarterbacks league. I say it is.

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