You know what grinds my gears?

Many of you compulsively read mock drafts like I do. Generally explanations for picks aren't perfect. That's fine because you can't expect one person to know every little detail about every team in the league. What annoys me is when I see the Giants given an offensive tackle in the first round with an explanation along these lines: 

"The Giants once strong offensive line really struggled last year and so blah blah should be help the Giants to protect Eli Manning's blindside."

I hate that explanation because it simplifies so many things.

A. Our O-line did pretty well. Our running backs had solid seasons and our passing game was solid except for turnovers. 

B. Our O-line had a TON of injuries to deal with so some of the 'struggles' can be attributed to that. 

Let me outline what I think are the REAL problems with out offensive line:

A. They're getting long in the tooth. Sad but true.

B. We couldn't run left to save our lives. That takes a great deal of mystery away from the running game.

C. When we needed to run the ball on third and short, we couldn't do it. That's a drive killer; that will lose you games. This ties in to point B. Everybody knew we were running behind McKenzie and Snee.

D. Let's not kid ourselves with that consecutive games without a sack streak. They scaled back the offense after we lost some linemen. (It didn't help we were down 329084029384 wide receivers)

Here's what I think our offensive linemen should look like at the beginning of next year.


From the look of this we should approach the draft looking for a G/C and/or a developmental right tackle. I would say elite LT so we move Beatty to the right side but there are none in this draft.

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