The Franchise Is At A Crossroads

These next four games will determine the future of the New York Giants for the next several years. We may be witnessing the final days of the Tom Coughlin Era of New York Giants football if we do not make the playoffs. In fact, I strongly believe this is the case.

John Mara was extremely upset at the end of last year, as evidenced by his comments the day after the 17-14 week 17 win over the Redskins that meant nothing because GB had already beaten CHI, eliminating our team from the playoffs on tie-breakers. If it were not for the looming lockout that would shorten or eliminate the offseason preparation of all 32 teams, which I'm sure Mara knew was a lock to happen (pun intended), he very well may have fired Coughlin at the end of last year.

We all know how important loyalty, continuity, and stability are to our owners. Bottom line: If it weren't for the lockout, there is a great chance we would have had a new staff this year.

There is no way in hell this franchise can witness yet another poor showing in December, miss the playoffs for a third straight year, and stick with a coach who has only won playoff games during one season out of the eight he has been here. That's right, 2007 was the only season the Giants have won a playoff game under TC. Hard for me to fathom this, especially with the talent that has been on this team over the last several years.

So, these next four games will set the course for either a contract extension for TC, or for the search of a new coaching staff.

Actually, it all comes down to this Sunday's game. If the Giants lose in Dallas, what chance do they really have of making the playoffs? I'll say it again in another way: This Sunday's game will go a long way to setting the coarse for our teams future. That is scary to me. One game determining so much.

The Giants win, the horrible month of losing is not only behind the team, but they catapult themselves into first place in the NFC East. From there the path to the division championship is clear. Lose the game, and in order to make sure we win the division the Giants would have to win their final three, while the Cowboys would have to lose their final three. That would put us at 9-7, Cowboys at 8-8.

The Giants lose Sunday, they are 6-7. Cowboys would be 8-5. If we win all three of our remaining games, including the rematch week 17 to finish at 9-7, the Cowboys could go 1-2, with their two loses coming against us and the Eagles, and still win the division. In this scenario (should we lose Sunday), both teams would be 9-7 overall, 3-3 in the division, but the Cowboys win the division with a better conference record, 7-5 vs. 5-7.

All this what-if stuff is just to hammer home the point I am trying to make that this game vs. the Cowboys is not only for our playoff lives, because the Wild Card for us is a long shot with such a horrible conference record, but I just don't see Mara resigning TC after yet another collapse and no playoffs three years in a row.

I mean, IF we don't make the playoffs, when is enough enough? Would Mara sign TC to a long term deal? Highly unlikely. Would Mara sign TC to yet ANOTHER one year deal? I suppose he could, but that too seems unlikely. TC is on a one year "prove yourself" deal right now. Miss the playoffs again and you have proved that you are not the man to continue to steer this great ship called the NY Giants.

I like the Giants this week despite their bad defense, I just do. I love playing the Cowboys in Dallas (Eli's House), and I think we have a great shot to win the game. But with so much riding on this Sunday's game, I'm now nervous as hell. Would I love to see the Giants go on a run in the playoffs, maybe even make it to the SB? Of course. But that would mean TC keeps his job and I don't think another long term deal for TC is the best thing for this team. But if they made it that far, I could be convinced of that, I think. :-)

Our teams future rides on this one game. What do you fellas think about that?

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