Examining Reese As a Talent Evaluator

A simple measure is who Reese has drafted versus who was available. I have noticed that certain discussions about BPA tend to present flawed arguments, in that they compare Reese's BPA picks to what was available for "need". If he drafts BPA, then let's see who truly was the BPA.


(20) Aaron Ross (bust)

(21) Reggie Nelson (starting FS for CIN)

(23) Dwayne Bowe (impact WR)

(25) Jon Beason (starting MLB)

(27) Robert Meachem (NO)

(31) Greg Olsen (starting TE)

(32) Anthony Gonzalez (WR)

(33) Paul Posluszny (starting MLB)

(44) Sidney Rice (WR)

(46) LeMarr Woodley

(51) Steve Smith (decent possession WR, but success delivered by Eli Manning. I'll give him credit when he has it elsewhere)

(73) Jacoby Jones (WR)

(77) James Jones (WR)

(81) Jay Alford (no complaints here)

(100) Michael Bush (RB)

(116) Zack DeOssie

(136) Clint Session

(137) Le'Ron McClain

I'm not going to nitpick the lower rounds. It gets too tedious. But a clear miss in the first round. Other than that, Reese did well enough in rounds 2 and 3.


(31) Kenny Phillips (not calling him a bust, just there's plenty of talent beneath him)

(33) Donnie Avery (WR)

(35) Brandon Flowers (CB)

(36) Jordy Nelson (WR)

(42) Eddie Royal (WR)

(44) Matt Forte (RB)

(63) Terrell Thomas (don't have a problem with this pick)

(91) Jermichael Finley

(95) Mario Manningham (loved this pick at the time, still do)

(123) Bryan Kehl (miss but not many hits around there)

(139) Ryan Torain (RB)

(149) Tim Hightower (RB)


(29) Hakeem Nicks (!!)

(60) William Beatty

(85) Ramses Barden

(92) Jerraud Powers (CB)

(100) Travis Beckum (bust)

(129) Andre Brown (bust)


(15) Jason Pierre-Paul

(46) Linval Joseph

(76) Chad Jones (Not much to say here. I think without injury, we'd be talking a lot about how good Mr. Jones is)

(113) Aaron Hernandez (TE)

(115) Philip Dillard (bust, but not much else available)

I'm not going to talk about 2011 all too much. I think it was a quality draft, but it's hard to say one way or the other without even a full season behind these guys.

Reese doesn't get a free pass from me. His draft record is decent, if not good. Still, in 2007 and 2008 he missed in the first round. Hard to say otherwise, given some of the impact players drafted behind Ross and Phillips. Do those one or two key players that could have been drafted make or break this team? That's hard to say, but I certainly think he missed if we're talking pure talent.

Reese shouldn't be fired, but I think he ought to be accountable. The GM is responsible for building a complete team. Addressing certain problems is vital. Cutting 2/5 of your starting OL and not replacing them or adding depth is a bit ridiculous. David Baas has been terrible. How's that for an evaluation? Jerry has also enjoyed the fact that Eli Manning makes a shit offensive line look halfway decent at times because he extends plays and gets the ball out quickly.

But there's a salary cap? We can't sign whoever we want? Oh, that's right, because we shelled out a bank-breaking contract to Antrel Rolle, who's been phenomenal since putting on the blue uniform.

The linebacking situation has been dreadful. Yes, you are going to have weaknesses, but the fact that we have needed to start Mathias Kiwanuka at LB since day one pisses me off. Our secondary, for that matter, is shit. Corey Webster is all fine and good, but the others haven't shown a whole lot. Terrell Thomas may have been poised for a breakout season, but it wasn't as if he was something special last season, so I guess we'll never know.

We have guys that consistently miss assignments and play with zero intensity. I don't care what can be said about PF's scheme, but when a guy doesn't know his man and he has a multi-million dollar contract, I'd say that it's on him.

Should Reese be fired? No. But the situation that's unfolded in front of us is partially on him. He's had some great drafts and some great picks, but there's more to it than that. JPP can't go out there alone, as we're finding out.

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