Plaxico Burress: 'This Is What New York Is All About'

Amazingly, we have hit Thursday of New York Giants-New York Jets week and Plaxico Burress has barely been mentioned all week. Burress was available to the media on Wednesday, and was of course asked about what it would be like to play against his former team.

"I'm still in contact with some of the guys that still play over there and we did some special things while we were over there, obviously winning a World Championship. I still share good relationships with some of those guys. But, when we go out there on (Saturday) and we go out there and lace them up, we're enemies for the next three-and-a-half, four hours," Burress said. "So we all understand that it's going to be some good competition and I mean, just look at the circumstances of this game. The loser of that game won't go to the playoffs, Christmas Eve, Jets versus the Giants. This is what New York is all about. It couldn't be a better setting."

Burress did, of course, predict a Jets victory.

"Somebody’s going to wake up with a bittersweet Christmas," Burress said Wednesday. "And it’s not going to be me."

Burress has not been a great player for the Jets this season, but he has been good. He has 38 catches for 521 yards (13.7 yards per catch) and eight touchdowns.

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer had this to say about what Burress has brought to the Jets:

"I think big-play ability, obviously. (He is) just that threat where you get isolated one-on-one. You go back to last game, we didn't do many things very well, but that one time they singled him on the backside, he was on Nnamdi (Asomugha) I think, late in the game, and just the catch that he made. (He is a) consistent player that's a big-play threat and he's been nothing but a pro. I mean, he works. It's been great to see and he's obviously excited about this week.

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell was, of course, asked about Burress this week:

"They're the number one red zone offense in the league and he's a big part of that. He's a big target and the guy is good," Fewell said. "I think it's size and I think it's skill. He made the touchdown catch last week against the Eagles. That was a phenomenal one-handed catch that he kept himself inbounds. I think he just has a feel. He knows how to play the game."

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