Critical Stops

Hello Giants fans, and BBV members. I'd like to start off by saying I don't comment on here a lot, but I do get a chance to read each article and go through most of your guys' comments. This is definitely the best place to go for Giants fans because of the intelligent collection of members that regularly post on here. Also, after the sh** show on Sunday against Washington, fanposts like BBI's "If Giants Players Were Portrayed By Movie Titles" help lighten the mood. Anyway, on to the fanpost...

We all know that the 2011 Giants defense has been awful, pathetic, disgusting, etc. Rather than just going with the proverbial "well they suck, Fire Fewell, etc." I figured I would take a closer look. What I found was the inability of the defense to get a critical stop in many of our losses (the exceptions being @Washington, @New Orleans, and at home against Washington again). Let's take a closer look:

1) 10/9 at home against Seattle: A game that the Giants would love to have back. With the Giants up 25-22, and 4:49 left in the 4th quarter, the defense lets Charlie freaking Whitehurst drive 80 yards to put Seatttle up 29-22. Critical Play: Osi jumps off-sides, Rolle and Ross have a mix up in coverage, and Whitehurst completes a 27 yard TD pass to Baldwin.


Yes, the Giants get the ball back and drive down the field, but Cruz slips on a route in the red zone that leads to a pick 6. My point is it should have never come to that. The defense should have been able to stop a backup QB in the final few minutes of the game.

2) 11/13 @San Francisco: At the end of the third quarter, the Giants are up 13-12, and the Niners get the ball at midfield. Critical Play: Alex Smith completes a 31 yard TD pass to TE Vernon Davis to put the Niners up 20-13 (they succeeded at a 2 point conversion). Once again, there was miscommunication. Was Rolle (circled in red on the far right) supposed to be covering Davis, or was it supposed to be Greg Jones (circled in red in the middle)? I don't know but it's been a recurring theme all season. 2108499130056030393s600x600q85_medium

Two plays later, Eli throws a pick on a route the Manningham simply quit on. Hunter then rushes for a 17 yard TD to put SF up 27-13. Eli nearly gets the Giants back from two scores down against a tough Niners defense, but ultimately this game comes down to the inability of the defense to make a critical stop when it had to.

3) 11/20 at home against the Eagles: For me this loss is about the Giant's receivers' failure to catch the football, and the offensive line's inability to protect Eli. However, with the score tied at 10-10, Vince Young, who had been awful most of the game, leads an 18 play 80 yard drive that took 8 minutes and 51 seconds off the clock. The Eagles convert 6 third downs, but here is the critical play: Young completes an 8 yard TD pass to Riley Cooper. The defense is in zone coverage and the rookie MLB Herzlich bites on the shallow crossing route to Celek leaving Cooper wide open in the back of the endzone.


The defense had picked off Young 3 times in the game, and held McCoy in check for the most part., but couldn't get a stop when the team needed it the most.

4) 12/4 at home against Green Bay: This was probably the most painful loss of the season because the Giants were so close to beating the undefeated, defending champion Packers. With 58 seconds left in the 4th quarter, and the Giants offense having just tied the score at 35-35, it looked like the game was headed for over time, if the defense could get a critical stop. Well, it took Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense essentially 3 plays to get them in field goal position. I would say there were two critical plays here: The first one being a 24 yard completion to Finley with J. Williams covering, and the second one being the a 27 yard pass to Jordy Nelson who beat Will Blackmon in man coverage on the play.

Summary: Time after time it has been shown that the 2011 Giants defense has not been able to get a critical stop. Miscommunications, blown coverages, or whatever the reason may be this defense has not played well when the team has needed it most. What's the solution? Fire Fewell? Well at this point I don't know if you can argue against that. Yes the losses of Goff, TT, and numerous others in the secondary have certainly hurt the Giants defense immensely, but I don't think it warrants them being this bad.

You can say that I have my head up where Perry Fewell's finger is, but I still think and hope that the Giants can make it to the playoffs because as long as #10 is under center, I will bELIeve. The offense will have to carry this team, and pray that the defense can make a critical stop when it has to. I know there are some of you that hope that the Giants don't make the playoffs so that we can get a new coaching staff, but I just can't and won't ever do it. The goal is to get into the playoffs, and anything can happen from there.

Your thoughts?

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