Playoff Scenario

I've seen many opinions over the last several weeks stating that some fans would rather lose the rest of our games in order to get Coughlin and Fewell fired (although this number is less than it was before the Dallas game) than win and make the playoffs with the risk of keeping the current regime. I am strongly in the camp of not wanting to lose in order for change to occur and would rather see our team in the playoffs than not, so I came up with a scenario that makes EVERYONE happy.

It starts with our defense completely turning it around and we dominate these last three regular season games, then the playoffs begin with the seeding as such:

1) Green Bay 2) San Francisco 3) New Orleans 4) New York Giants 5) Atlanta Falcons 6) Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round: New Orleans rolls against whoever the Lions in laughable fashion. Atlanta comes to NY to find that we are nothing like the Jags. The defense pressures Matt Ryan to the tune of 5 sacks and several more QB pressures and Prince, having become better at reading coverages and receivers with a few more weeks under his belt, picks off two of Matty Ice's passes, Giants win 31-14.

Divisional Round: NO travels to San Fran and gets beat out on a last second 53 yard field goal by Akers. We go to GB and get 6 sacks on Rodgers who are without Greg Jennings and AJ Hawk and we win 24-21 while our defense limits all receivers. Woodson gets trucked by Brandon Jacobs again and isn't the same player the rest of the game. We run the ball effectively thanks to our revamped O-line which includes Mitch Petrus and Kevin Boothe leading the way.

NFC Championship: We go to San Fran (remember us, A-holes) and go up early 10-7, Akers tries his onside kick BS and it completely backfires as Deon Grant picks it out of the air and takes it to the house (a la Jason Sehorn against the Jags in 2000). San Fran makes a game of it though and it is tied at 24 when Lawrence Tynes hits a 48 yarder as time expires while yelling, "THIS IS FOR TREY JUNKIN, B!$*#ES!!!" The defense sacks Smith 4 times but he spends more time on the ground than on his feet.

Super Bowl: Brady finds out AGAIN why the Giants have his number. JPP and Tuck get after him like a fat kid on cake. Brady whines and complains to the refs that he is getting hit too much, but they are mesmorized by Gisele who has taken off her shirt to the be "D" in B-R-A-D-Y even though she is more of a "C." Giants repeat the magic of 2007 and win 24-21 while Brady is sacked 5 times.

Fewell, having shown his defense works, is sought after by many NFL teams, but ultimately is hired as the new head coach of the Eagles filling the rather large void left by the firing of Andy Reid. Big Blue View is covered with fans are upset that we lost our DC when it finally seemed he had turned things around. Fans quickly find that the 9-Wide was better the 11-Lost defense that Fewell runs and the Eagles have a disappointing season again.

Tom Coughlin retires figuring on top is a good way to go. The Giants thank him for his years of service and offer him a spot in the front office somewhere. His first meeting he fines Jerry Reese for only being 2 minutes early to the meeting. We hire Bill Cowher and rule the NFC East for the decade.

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