State of the NFC East: Four Wins and We're In

I don't know how much this has been talked about, but with Philly dropping that monday night game to Chicago, the Giants now, despite their schedule, have the chance to run away with this division virtually untouched. 

New York (6-2)

Dallas (4-4)

Philadelphia (3-5)

Washington (3-5)


It might not exactly jump out at you as to how we could lock this up with just four wins, given that we are only two games up. However, looking at our remaining games. 

@ San Francisco

vs. Philadelphia

@ New Orleans 

vs. Green Bay

@ Dallas

vs. Washington

@ New York 

vs. Dallas 


Division games are highlighted. If we were to sweep our remaining division opponents, that would put us at 10 wins. It would also put Philadelphia, Dallas, and Washington at a minimum of six losses a piece (we'd own all tie-breakers here except with Washington). Say we go 3-1 over that division stretch. The only way in which this could be problematic is if we lose to Dallas one time, and if other than splitting two games with us, Dallas runs the table. 

Granted, division games aren't to be taken as automatic "W"s. Still, the point is, they are arguably the weakest opponents left on the schedule, which works out perfectly given how tough the rest of our schedule is. In fact, looking at the remaining non-division games that jump out for the others, it points to the fact that we don't have much of a choice but to win at least three of the four remaining division games.


vs. Buffalo

vs. NYG

@ Tampa Bay

vs. Philadelphia 


They have the luxury of playing the majority of their remaining big games at home. 



vs. New England

vs. NYJ

@ Dallas

Both Philadelphia and Dallas have games against Washington remaining, which can't be overlooked, as they always seem to knock off one of the NFC East contenders late in the season. I don't think Washington themselves have a hope of turning their season around, but they are still always dangerous late in the season. Philly's loss to Chicago last night was huge for the Giants, as now they have win virtually all of the games listed, and that's a tough feat given some decent opponents thrown in there. 

To revisit our own schedule one more time, I think it may pan out something like this: 

@ San Francisco (W)

vs. Philadelphia (L)

@ New Orleans (L)

vs. Green Bay (L)

@ Dallas (W)

vs. Washington (W)

@ New York (W)

vs. Dallas (W)


I have a sneaking suspicion that we will win the upcoming game against San Francisco. If we manage that, then really, 3-4 wins takes us home. The important thing is going to be sweeping Dallas, as they have a very light schedule ahead. I don't know that we'll drop those three games in particular, but if you take New Orleans and Green Bay (teams that I feel we just don't match up well against) and toss in a loss to any one of our division opponents, I think that's what you're looking at. 

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