Eli ain't Elite

Guys, I'm sorry to say, Eli is not an Elite quarterback.

I mean, he's decent. He's still an "Interception Machine". For some reason, he hasn't been throwing his usual 2 picks per game. Honestly, we all know it, he's going to go back to his original form. Based on his average start to the season, I'm going to say, he ends up with around 18 picks this season. He can never keep this up for so long. When they start playing actual GOOD teams, then you'll see how Eli ends up. He can't make good passes and always chucks up passes. You guys know it. Stop trying to say he's elite when he's not. 

I'm going to back up my statement on how he is not Elite, just a good, slightly above average quarterback. He gets mad lucky. I mean really? So many calls that went for the Giants. They get lucky, and you all know it. He has these ridiculously good wide receivers in Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, and Victor Cruz and thats pretty much the only way he is getting the stats he has. He would not even get close to those numbers without these players. He would be like 8TDS and 9 INT for the year. Cam Newton is doing better than Eli and he only has an old Steve Smith. Cam is higher than Eli on the list of quarterbacks. Cam isn't elite, but if Eli is, then Cam has to be. I mean, really? Just look at his fantasy stats. That kid is a MONSTER.

Also, ALL of the interceptions this year were Eli's fault. That pass to Victor Cruz, Eli should have seen Cruz slip and either pass it to someone else or pass it to him where its easier for him to get it. And that supposedly "garbage time" pass? Why would he try that anyway? That was all his fault. And then yesterday's interception, that was clearly underthrown. The kid is reverting back to his old, average QB form. 

How can you even call him Eli elite when you have players like Rodgers, Brees, Vick, Sanchez, and Brady playing at the level they are right now. Yesterday's game was a fluke. Eli would not be Brady in another head to head matchup. Eli can't live up to expectations he foolishly put himself into. Rodgers is easily 10 times better, and Brees is leasing a team with noname players to victories. Did you see that game against the Colts? HE WENT BEAST MODE. That's an elite QB. Vick and Sanchez are easily going to step it up. The Jets are starting to get heated up and you should expect great numbers from Sanchez. He's not elite, he's good but not elite




Just to clear any confusion because apparently there are actually people who talk about Eli just like this (GASP), its all in good fun, im making fun of all the haters and nonbelievers out there. I love Eli and the Giants and think he's a Top 3 QB in the league right now and IS an elite and has lived up to what he stated before the season.

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