Why Pats win mattered

When I say "mattered" I mean, Why have I been fist pumping all day?  The basic reason is that most of the Giants and their fans don't think that anyone actually respected the Super Bowl win four years ago.

I've been trying to figure out why I'm so pumped up today.  There wasn't really a revenge factor.  The Giants won the Super Bowl.  I don't really have any friends who are Pats fans that I can trash talk like I would after a Redskins or Eagles loss.  I think my rage started building when I read the chat with Pat's Pulpit.
Pulpit: ... In terms of a specific moment/play: it has to be the David Tyree catch. Seriously, what were the odds of that play? The guy isn't even in the league anymore. But I guess that's what destiny is all about - crazy plays such as Tyree's that it seems nothing can prevent from happening.

It always gets on my nerves when David Tyree is talked about like he was a guy off the street.  Every Giants fan worth their salt knew Tyree as the unofficial leader of the Special Teams who made almost every ST tackle.  This was a four year vetern with a Pro Bowl selection (as gunner) to his name.  Lets not forget that he also had TD reception on his Super Bowl stat line before the Helmet Catch.  And you know who else isn't in the league anymore either, Rodney Harrison.

I also got frustrated with everyone bringing up Eli's comment that he was in Tom Brady's class.  Look, anyone who says they'd take Brady's prime over Eli's to date is out of their mind.  But, when a QB is getting called out for unrealistic bravado and/or bulletin board material, the first thing that comes to my mind is:

"We're only going to score 17 points?" (via MagicoGonzalesES)

I think the impression is the Giants got away with one that day.  All you had to do was see how fired up the players were for this game.  There was the anonymous quote before the game (I can't find a quote and I'm paraphrasing) that no matter what the Giants still went home with that Super Bowl Trophy.

There are over ten members of the championship team still on the roster and almost all of the coaches.  Even the veterans were fired up.  Amani Toomer made the trip up and was seen on the sidelines.  And then there's Michael Strahan showing that there are no ex-Giants, only old Giant

And the players in the locker room after the game celebrating like they won the Super Bowl all over again. 


Regardless, my day yesterday was awesome.  Go Blue!

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