Weekly Eli Manning QBR Review -- A Completely Meaningless Exercise

We do it every week, so we might as well do it this week -- even though it is completely and utterly meaningless following Sunday's 24-20 victory by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots. I am talking about discussing Eli Manning QBR and passer ratings.

For what it's worth, Manning's 81.3 QBR on Sunday was sixth in the league. And I could care less. Don't even try to make some type of argument that Matt Moore, Aaron Roders, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan all played better on Sunday than Manning.

When it counted, when the Giants had to have the throws and had to have the courage to make plays, Manning delivered.

Again, for what it is worth Manning's QBR for the season is 68.2 seventh in the league. Again, no way you can convince me there are six quarterbacks in the league who have played better this season than Manning. All I know is what I see -- which is that whenever the Giants have needed Manning to step up at the end of games this season he has done it.

How about this stat? In the last four drives on Sunday Manning's QBR went from 21.5 to a game-ending 81.3.

His passer rating? A pedestrian 77.9 for the game. Again, don't care. When the Giants needed plays he had the guts to take some risks, for which he was rewarded. His fourth-quarter passer rating for the season is 121.7, and an astounding 133.3 when the Giants are ahead or behind by seven points or less.

Let's sack the 'is Eli elite?' discussion. He is having an elite season, and that is what matters right now.

By the way, check this from SI's Peter King in regards to Manning.

Manning is not his brother, the precision player and the prototype. But I believe Eli is a better clutch player than Peyton. No knock on Peyton. But look at the moments Eli's had. His 2007 postseason is one of the best any quarterback has ever played, winning three on the road (including beating Favre at Lambeau in minus-18 weather) and then upsetting the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl. And Sunday, with 80- and 85-yard drives in the final seven minutes to beat Bill Belichick and Brady.

They don't make many like Eli Manning, and if you're a Giants' partisan, you've got to be thrilled he's yours.

I've been saying that for years, and I couldn't agree more.

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