TC gone? Not so fast...

It ain't over yet. The fat lady has no plans of singing before week 17. We've seen this before. Just when they're dead in the water & there's no possible way they could recover, they do. It happens right about the time JR starts reviewing his list of potential head coaches. Right after the most embarrassing performance of the season, they start to make their move. & TC finds a way to weasel another contract extension out of the Giants organization.

I know, I know. I watched the game. I was flinging the [REDACTED’s] like monkeys with poo. And I’ve agreed with most everything that’s been written about this team from Ed & our brethren at BBV. TC SHOULD be gone, they’ve showed no heart, they talk too much, they’ve been outcoached, outmatched, outmanned, out-efforted, & out-everything elsed for the last 3 weeks. But bear with me while I take you thru the history of TC.

Remember 2006; we go on a run of losing 6 of the previous 7 games heading into week 17 vs Washington. Week after week it kept getting worse. But we end up beating the skins in that game & sneak into the playoff backdoor. I remember I was on my way home from a trip & only able listen to that game on the radio. But I made a sign for my "gameday pals" to hold up in my absence that said "Please Fire Tom Coughlin". Lo & behold, we do just enough to make the postseason & JR offers up a 1 yr extension.

Then we go into 2007, and as the season is painfully coming to an end. Eli throws 4 picks to Viking players (3 returned for TDS) in week 12. We squeak by the Bears with a late comeback, then Eagles (and Akers clanking the upright with :01 on the clock that would’ve tied the game). Week 15 comes around & the Skins, riding a 4 game losing streak, and led by Todd [REDACTED] Collins come out swinging. We get crushed 22-10 with a pathetic offensive performance, leaving doubts about our opportunity for a postseason berth. So the following week, we go to Buffalo on a windy & rainy Sunday. The game starts & we're down 14 before I finish the first beer. The passing game was non-existent & with the undefeated Patriots up after them, the playoffs seemed like it would be just out of reach. But we ride the defense, pull off the comeback, & lock up a 5 seed. Altho, we can all admit it was not an impressive season. So if we mustered a one & done in the playoffs, TC would most likely be done as well. And just as JR dusts off his list, the Giants & their coach make the run of the millennium. And when the season ends, TC gets a 4 year contract extension that'll keep him around thru 2011.

With job security in hand, TC coaches us from 2008 where we were great almost all year; and into 2009, when we started 5-0 & look like the best team in the league (once again). Then we lose the next 4 and all of a sudden the "TC must go" chants start again. So we continue to alternate Wins & Losses for the remainder of the season. The offense is inconsistent, and there isn’t an adjective in the English language that reflects how poorly the defense played. The blame was shifted & Sheridan jumps in front of TCs bullet; and since Tom is still under contract, and merely 2 years removed from the victory parade, he gets a pass.

Last year, after 2 devastating losses in late Dec, we pull off a tough win against a crap Skins team in week 17. It’s just enough that TC can flaunt his 10-6 record warranting yet another extension that’ll keep him here thru 2012.

It continues to happen. Just when it seems the TC era is about to end, the team finds a way to win, which helps him swindle another contract extension from the Giants. I can’t see this season being any different. Right now it seems about as bleak as it can get. I can’t remember a performance as pitiful from any Giants team. But somehow, some way, TC will still be coaching this team come next season. Mark my words, it’s gonna happen. For as much joy as this team brings us; we’re subjected to an equal amount of frustration. It’s the Yin & Yang, the Karmic balance, the Ebb & Flow. You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and ther you have....(sorry, almost let that one get away from me). But seriously, It frustrates me to watch TC walk the sidelines. But with that frustration comes the success that balances everything out.

My last point is this; at the beginning of the season, the question was asked, “What does this team have to accomplish for TC to keep his job?” The answer for many of us was - make the playoffs. And that’s all I see happening. Obviously, we don’t have a defense capable of winning a playoff game. But just getting to the playoffs will be enough for TC to keep his job for 1 more year (at the very least).

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