The season's over musings

Is the season over? No, I still think they're making the playoffs whatever the record may be. But after watching them take a constipated dump on Monday night, there's a few thoughts that need to be written down.

Fire everyone except Reese. Why does Reese get to stay? There's talent on the roster and lots of it. Coughlin doesn't really deserve to go, but his minions are his own doing so he goes down with them. So who do they hire?

1) Winston Moss as HC. Will this happen? Absolutely not, the Giants have no balls and will never hire a HC with no NFL experience. But the guy's described as the most ready HC candidate on the Packers, a team that just seems to be head and shoulders above the rest of the league. 

2) Leave Gilbride here as OC. Wait really? Yea, really. I see no problems with the offense other then youth. They could use new RBs (more on that in a bit!) and the OL needs some infusion of talent or maybe just a change of the guard(s), but dropped passes are really what's killing our version of the run and shoot. Plus it'd piss Eli off to get rid of Captain Crunch, and I don't want #10 pissed. 

3) Let Moss hire one of his buddies for the DC spot. The Packers at least in theory play defense the Giants should, and that's aggressive, man to man and ball hawking type crap, the stuff spags tried to do. I dunno who it is, and I don't care. I don't even care if he's the DC and Gilbride's the assistent coach, whatever. 

4) Special teams. I really have no idea. Its the personnel, its the coach, its the omen of the NY Giants...our STs have really always been terrible. So whatever.



Round 1) 3 choices, all of which will be spurned for Quinton Coples when he inevitably drops. He's a DE from UNC if you don't know

- David Wilson RB Va Tech: favorite player in the draft. Runs a 3.99 40, or at least it seems he does as he's blazing by defenders like the flash. Also pretty tough, for a 5"10 200lbs dude he's a lot like Clinton Portis with that toughness.

- David DeCastro OG Stanford: brings the right type of attitude to the interior OL. He pulls, he kicks people in the balls and he should probably start right away at LG. And he comes from Stanford, so you know he's not taking basket weaving 101 this semester,

- Zach Brown LB UNC: yes, an LBaneezer. He's a complete LBeezer too, plays OLB and MLB. Extremely fast, not small at 6"2 230 and probably the best defender on an extremely talented defense. Basically Bruce Carter from last year, with a brain. And since he's a freak of nature, he might have a shot at being drafted by the Giants


honorable mention to Peter Konc, OC Wisconson. Can't go wrong with Wisconsin Fat. 


Round 2) depends on what happens in round one..but

1) Kelechi Osemele: RT/OG Iowa State. The Mike Iupati of this season, I doubt he lasts this far. He's gigantic but is more like a young McKenzie in that he moves real well, I think he could play tackle for us even if he's projected at guard. 

2) Michael Brewster OC Ohio State: Needs to get stronger, but still the best OC at OSU since Mangold and has a lot in common with that hillbilly looking freak. Actually a lot more in common with Stephen Wisniewski, and he's very good already. 

3) Dwayne Allen TE Clemson: I doubt he falls this far (I doubt many of these guys are around at the Giants pick..), but he's an ideal sized TE that can absolutely block when he's actually required to. And while Ballard's been a revelation, I can't help but think how much Eli would love a Jimmy Graham type athlete at TE. Allen's not quite that sort of athlete, but he might as well be compared to Ballard. 


honorably mention: Chris Polk RB Washington. 5"11, 230 and a complete back. For years the Giants could've used a back that can do it all like Polk but they seemed content with getting away with guys like Jacobs and Bradshaw since their OL was so good. 


Round 3) Again it depends, but this draft does seem to be well stocked with interior OL, RBs and LBzers

1) Audie Cole NC State: he's a MLB now and very good at the spot, but he was also an OLB in the past and a pass rusher so you know that'll give Reese a still one. He's 6"5 too and covers a lot of ground

2) George Bryan NC State: yes, another player from a terrible program but whatever. Bryan is much closer to Ballard as an athlete but he's a much better blocker (Ballard friggin sucks as a blocker surprisingly) 

3) Xavier Rhodes CB/S FSU: we're gonna have to draft defense at some point, tho after the past 2 years I'd think we'd let the wounded heal and give them a shot finally. But Rhodes is a lot similar to Antonio Cromartie in that he's big, tall and fast...and probably runs a nice 40 time so he goes about 2 rounds earlier then this. He'd bring speed and size to the defense tho.


As far as free agency, I'd assume we'd be a bit more proactive given no lockout and we'd have some guys coming off the books. If its a new regime, I'd think some guys wouldn't be back so we'd have some money to use. Also I'd think we tell Osi to piss off and possibly get a pick for him. I'd look to cut Rolle, since while he's misused, he's still getting paid a ton of money. Also I'd think Jacobs is gone, or maybe I'd even hope that. Mack is as good as gone and possibly Diehl as well. That's a lot of money right there.  Try and get some vets on a cheap deal trying to prove themselves.

Bringing back TT and Goff is essential. Just the whole attitude of those two in the preseason was almost a breath of fresh air at the time. Swagger and testicles up the wazzou. I just had this feeling that both were really going to take their games up a notch and make this defense great. I know its only two players, but they could've really been great. That they were injured so early on means they'll be fine come camp next year.


Hopefully this is way too premature and the G's rattle off a few wins, make the playoffs then take care of business there. 

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