"I'll be on the beach next year come football season"


That is not a direct quote of Tom Coughlin, but I do not want to hear anything other than something to that affect. The abomination last night was probably as poor of a coaching performance as I've ever seen.

Let's start from the top:

Tom Coughlin: Where's the emotion? Coughlin looked constipated for the duration of last night's game. That doesn't bother me. What does is the complete lack of discipline this team has. You've already thrown in the towel late in the third quarter, down 25 and trying to establish the run. Tom, when you're down 25, you have to start throwing the ball.

Instead, the Giants went into their usual "this game is too far out of reach so let's just get out of here" mode in the third quarter. If you want to admit defeat in the third quarter of any football game, pack your bags and get on out of here. Sure, the game was out of reach, but you play to win the damn game.

What's even worse is the the fake punt called in the fourth quarter. If you're going to go for it on 4th and 6, put the ball in the hands of your franchise quarterback. I don't think I've ever seen a fake punt run on a 4th and 6 that's been converted, or at least not one in which the punter runs a bootleg.

Even worse, if you're not playing to win the game in the third/fourth quarter (by throwing the football), at least tell me that you're going to put your backups in. Eli played the duration, which I'm fine with, but you have to abandon the run at some point if you're going to leave him in there. Plain and simple. You're talking about simple mathematics. You're defense can't stop them, so your offense needs to score in less than two minutes every time out.

But how's that even possible? Here's a fucking news flash, Tom. The hurry-up offense saves a lot of time. It's late in the third quarter and our guys are huddling up. Have it one way or the other. If you wanted to have any shot at winning that football game (which we had no chance, but that's not the point) then you need to go into your two minute offense in the third quarter. That's the only way you can possibly afford to run the ball if you refuse to abandon the run.

It's mathematics, and it's not hard to figure out. Tom Coughlin's performance last night was an insult to the game.


Kevin Gilbride: I'm giving our OC a pass. This is not because I'm entirely certain that he was not at fault here, but more so the fact that I am forwarding his share of the blame to Coughlin's mail box. Our completely mind-boggling approach to the third and fourth quarter has to be a result of Coughlin, and if it's not, Coughlin is still at fault for not intervening.


Perry Fewell: I have defended the Eagles game left and right. I am not changing my opinion of that game. However, I never thought that anybody could make Sheridan look alright, and Fewell managed to do that. This game reminded me a lot of last year's game vs. the Colts. Fewell kept us in a three safety set the entire game. We started three defensive ends. The Colts, always known for an inability to run, ran for 200 yards on us, because Peyton Manning got up to the line, called the run audible and let Joseph Addai become Adrian Peterson for the night. Then when we finally got the run stoppers on the field, he dialed up the pass.

Much of the same last night, in that I saw zero adjustments in scheme for the second half. Fewell played soft zones for the entire game. I thought I was going to vomit when we rushed three on a 3rd and 6.

And the question is, what is there to lose? The few times we brought blitzes, we seemed to have success. But let's not let success get in the way of our scheme.


For the entire coaching staff, if your scheme is awful and things aren't going your way, you have to pull your head out of your ass at least enough to try and fire up the players. I saw none of this on the sidelines last night.


Justin Tuck: There has been times where Michael Strahan had looked old and slow before he was finished as a player. It's part of the game. When you have injuries, you might not play very well. I don't have a problem with looking old and slow, but when you're on the sideline looking like the only thing you might be worried about is missing your flight out of New Orleans, then that's a problem. Also, hands on your knees like you're about to pass out from being on the field for a four minute drive (we're not talking 8-9 minute defense killers), it shows me that you're not just injured but out of shape. Don't think there's any excuse for being that poorly conditioned because it's not as if a neck injury prevents you from riding a bike in the training room.



Moving on:

I could continue to call out players, but I'm done with that. Where do we go from here? Well, if there's any hope for optimism, start with Eli Manning. The guy is playing out of his mind right now. He throws 33-47 and that's with seven dropped passes (three on one drive). People can talk all they want about Drew Brees. He's great, but it doesn't impress me that he has to stay in the game in the final two minutes (when up three scores) to challenge for records. It's an insult to the legendary quarterbacks before him. To think what the bar would be set at if Peyton Manning or Dan Marino didn't come out of the game for the final minutes with a three-score lead.

Our linebackers seem to look a little bit better every week. In theory, when you have undrafted free agents playing linebacker, the one upside is that they can only get better. In theory.

Brandon Jacobs ran physically last night. The stat line wasn't all that impressive, but the big man wasn't given enough touches to really balance that out. Jacobs is a very emotional player, and we need him feeling good about himself heading into these final games, because our team isn't getting much emotion from anywhere else. That must have been the first time in two years where I've seen Jacobs absolutely steamroll somebody, and I'm sure Roman Harper will be thinking about it for a long time. 


Green Bay upcoming: Well, here you have it. Our season is on the line. Sure, we could theoretically get into the playoffs after losing this game. That's beside the point. We need to play a complete game against Green Bay, or the Giants should just turn it in now. By complete game, I'm not even saying that we need to win. This is an undefeated team that is playing incredibly well. To walk out of this game with a 3-7 point loss would be fine. I'd rather have that than to have us get destroyed this week, and go out and win our next four games in blowout fashion. The four games after Green Bay mean nothing if we don't play some inspiring football this week.

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