The Last We'll See of Tom and Perry.

After this season Tom Coughlin will be fired, and it will be Perry Fewell's fault...which is Tom Coughlin's fault.

Tom Coughlin I will genuinely miss you. Perry Fewell you're awful, and I hope you burn your tongue on a Hot Pocket.           




I loved Tom Coughlin because he was a winner. He always brought this team to the playoffs (and much shittier Jacksonville teams for that matter), which is all you can ever ask for.  In 2007 he proved it to us further by winning it all in the greatest playoff run most of us have ever seen. Now, however, is not's 2011. With each second half loss this season it becomes clearer to me that Tom no longer possesses that "magic". His teams, for whatever reason, fail him at the end of the season. He no longer gets his team to the playoffs. This year, because lets face it...with Perry Fewell manning this defense ;) we aren't stopping anybody, will be the third consecutive year without playoffs in a division that has been completely wide open. No dominant teams. No teams more talented than the Giants. We won a god damn Super Bowl, we should have built a dynasty. But instead, inconsistency. Inconsistency on an entire team. That falls on the head coach, and no one else.

When you start to break it down game by game however, you truly see where this "team" has been failing. Defense, defense, defense. Since the loss of Spags in 2007, it's always been the's clear Coughlin no longer has the answer. Sherridan was his idea, and Fewell was his idea. Both failures. No need to try a third in my opinion, the results clearly speak for themselves. Tom Quinn and his Special teams has actually improved, Gilbride and his offense has improved and moved the ball regularly through the air, but that is mostly due to Eli "turning the corner" (aka playing exactly how he always has) and the emergence of Victor Cruz. The running game has never been there, and it isn't coming...that's on Gilbride, which is on Coughlin. But the defense god. I firmly believe we have the best talent along the defensive line in the entire NFL. Go ahead, tell me who's got better. Why is it than that they can completely disappear for weeks at a time?? Ross has been playing damn good in the secondary this year, along with Webster. I know Rolle and Phillips have talent. Why is it than that every single quarterback we play...from the Grossmans to the Moores to the Youngs find such great success? Why does every single team find success moving the ball against our defense? Who have we stopped consistently in ONE game this season?

I hope upon hope that Perry Fewell proves me wrong, saves his ass, and saves Coughlins ass with him, but I honestly just don't see it. If nothing changes Fewell needs to go after this year. Unfortunately because of Fewells failures he's taking Tom with him...Tom is just as much to blame for allowing this to go on. When you're the captain, you're responsible for your crew. Coughlins crew ain't getting it done.

As I close this, it's 42-24. Eli just completed his 20 passes in a row in the second half with two touchdowns. At least we have Eli. Tom, I hope you retire and spend time with your grand really are getting old, and the stressfulness of the game has to be wearing on you. Perry, I hope you get a head coaching gig and we play you in every meaningful game in every December for the rest of our history.


Go Giants.

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