Just Say No! To JPP @ DT/NT!!

I may be discouraged with Perry Fewell, but I do not believe he is that bad of a coach.. Just, maybe more afraid than anything else.

Before this season began, P. F. was salivating, waiting for the season to begin. If he wasnt, then he truly has no business being our DC. Then the injuries came and everybody knows this story. Even still, I had hope for our defense to still be feared.. I helped come out with nicknames, it was a reason to be excited. We had the Fantastic Four (Rookie LBzzzzz) the Kracken (D-line) ((sorry costanza)) TMFS, etc, etc...

Then the season started.

So far through the first 10 games P.F. is statistically worse then Bill Sheridan. He is. Its sad because this was supposed to be his breakout year. Still could be. The problem is, he tries to protect his weakness; i.e. sending 3 so that 8 are defending the pass... Keeping KP in Bumfart, Egypt. Its admirable, for the saying goes... you are only as strong as your weakest link. This case our weakest link is our Rookie LBzzz.

But this is not an infomercial!!! This is a call to action!! Accept you have weakness, but as in chess, every defensive move must always be one that dictates your opponenents next! The Field is the chess board, the Center, Offensive Tackle, Defesive Tackle and Nose Tackle are you 4d 4e 5d 5e on the chess board, the most valuable, most strategic, absolutely number one thing you have to dominate, you loose those spots in chess... you loose the game.

Which brings me to my biggest call of action!!! SAY NO TO JPP AT NT/DT P.F........ JUST SAY NO!!!! JPP is not a DT/NT he is your defensive end and a great one at that. P.F. you either knowingly or unknowingly place another weakness right in the spot of the field that we need to dominate the most (for that matter, right in front of our known weakness).

Sure, Best 11 out in on the Field. JPP is more athletically gifted than Anvil... Sure he might be faster inside than Canty... Definitely faster than Bernard. But they have one thing over him. They are built to dominate the center. They are built to defend it.... P.F., If you dont faith in them to do the job God created them to do... Then how do you expect to have faith in themselves.

Yes, our weak link is the Rookies... It always will be. No matter what posistion. Help them out. Control the center of the field. Send pressure always. Give the LBzz a smaller field, and smaller amount of time to make mistakes. Play agressive, now is not the time to make our team average(taking away from our "A" game to help our "D" game). Build on your strenghts (Pass Rush/DB play) Let the rookies come into their own that way. Attack the Center,; 4d,4e,5d,5e if you will. Dominate that area, Control it.

Just please dont add another weakness by placing JPP there. That is Anvil's/Canty's/Bernards Job. (Heck have JPP in as a blitzing LB for all I care) Please, P.F.. I beg of you... Make me believe in this D again!!


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