G-Men and Honesty

Ok, time to be realistic... Giants running game has been pretty much non-existent all season... We have pretty much a new O-line in comparison to recent yrs, and its obvious the running is not the strength of this unit... Pass Protection is excellent and shaky at times... As much as we miss AB, U can't fault Jacobs if the O-LINE isn't blocking!!! AB hasn't even really been getting his usual type of runs. This isn't Barry Sanders here...LOL I do however get frustrated that they keep D Scott limited with touches as a running back... We need speed coming out of the backfield... Screen plays, etc. As much as people want to blame Eli, Key drops can be killers....Ballard's drop on the first drive was herrendous... Our Rookies were horrible in coverage with the exception of Prince, who stumbled, and got back on his horses to pick off the under-thrown pass to D Jackson. I think Prince will be great! Not having Boley killed us as the rookie LB left the middle of the field wide open on key conversions by the Eagles.... Next season we need to move Kiwi back to DE and get a true LB... He is doing the best he could for now and solid job, but we need a natural LB out there. 

If the Rams get rid of Spags, I say we let Fewell walk, and get Spags back!!! Gilbride also must go!!!!

Now, time to look at our remaining schedule

@ NO - lose because the secondary will not hold up

GB - lose because the secondary will not hold up

Dallas 2x - Will split

Redskins - Win

Jets - Lose because we will beat ourselves

My belief is only the division winner in the NFC East will make the playoffs... This is my opinion... 

My predictions are Giants lose to NO, GB(Secondary will not hold up) and Dallas once... We are capable of beating the Jets, but we will find a way to lose... We can't run the ball, the interior of r D-line is not as strong against the run. and again, we will find a way to lose the game more then the Jets beating us... The 2nd half collapse has arrived.

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