Giants' Line Is 'Offensive'

In today's 'Kudos & Wet Willies' I promised you guys some further thoughts on the New York Giants' offensive line. And yes, until they actually show that they can block somebody I think we need to call them the 'Invis-O-Line.' Coach Tom Coughlin said after Sunday's night's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that "our offensive line was completely outplayed by the front eight of Philadelphia."

He wasn't kidding.

I am going to player-by-player along the line with some thoughts on each guy. I am not going looking for an Pro Football Focus numbers. I am not even going to watch the game a second time. I know what I saw, and I have no need to look at it again. So, let's go from left to right.

Will Beatty (LT) -- The guy was not horrible matched up against Trent Cole, and he might be the team's best lineman. You want to know what an elite left tackle looks like? All you had to do was watch Jason Peters of the Eagles make Osi Umenyiora invisible most of the night. Beatty isn't bad, but he isn't Peters.

David Diehl (LG) -- Awful. I have no idea how many times I watched Diehl get pushed backwards, run right by goes he should have blocked or have guys just go right past him. Jim Cordle or Mitch Petrus have to be better than Diehl. Don't they? Not saying much for either of them if they aren't.

David Baas (C) -- This is the Giants' big offseason free-agent signing? The Giants keep telling how good a player Baas is, and I'm still waiting to see it. Perhaps it's like the Michael Jordan movie 'Space Jam,' and somebody stole Baas's talent while he was en route to New York from San Francisco.

Chris Snee (RG) -- I know it's really unfair to criticize Snee based on last night, when he was playing despite being physically ill. I am, however, really tired of announcers making the blanket statement that 'Snee is the Giants' best offensive lineman.' Take an objective look at it and it has been two or three years since he has actually played that way. He used to be a dominant, Pro Bowl caliber guard. Not anymore.

Kareem McKenzie (RT) -- I can't fault McKenzie for Jason Babin stripping the ball from Eli Manning on the Giants' final offensive play. He had Babin blocked and Manning pretty much unknowingly stepped into the sack. Thing is, you can fault McKenzie for a lot of other things. A year ago, he was fabulous. This year he has been awful. Guys run around and through him all the time. It seems like he has gotten old overnight.

Question is, what can the Giants do about this group? This year, I'm not sure they can do a whole lot.

As poorly as Diehl has played, I'm not sure Cordle, Petrus or Kevin Boothe is a better option. At right tackle rookie James Brewer isn't ready, and there isn't much evidence to suggest Stacy Andrews would be better than McKenzie. I suppose you could move Diehl to right tackle and hope one of the aforementioned guard candidates can do that job, but there's no evidence to suggest that will work.

Other than waiting for free agency and the draft and hoping the Giants can find a stud or two to insert into the line I don't know what else the Giants can do. I might suggest, though, that you pray each night that this group does not get Manning killed before the season is over.

Your thoughts?

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