Fewell is not Sheridan, No no.. Its way worse.


Ladies and Gentlemen...

After watching last nights game, I was reminded of something that for many years, I have tried to forget.

Cowboys vs. Giants, I cannot remember what year (I have at least forgotten some parts of it)

Giants up by 3 points with around 43 seconds left. We kick off, the ball goes out of bounds and the Cowboys get the ball at the 40. Cowboys only need 30 yards to kick the game tying field goal. The Giants infamous defensive coordinator Tim Lewis at the helm, goes to a Prevent Defense.

First play - (again forgive me, for I am a little bit cloudy with details) - Giants send 3 man rush...  Cowboys QB has all day and finds Witten open for 20 yards.... still over down to just above 35 sec.

Second play - Giants send 3 man rush QB again with all day to throw finds a wide open WR for another huge gain (25ish seconds left)...

Third play  - Run up the middle to take time off the clock and to place the ball in the middle of the field.

Forth play - Game Tying 20 something yard field goal = overtime = One Giant loss.


Why bring up such a horrifying memory?? because it happened last night. I dont know if any one else noticed it. Deep in their own territory with way more time on their hands the Eagles had 2nd and 15. What do we do? Send three men and go to a Prevent Defense. or if you prefer the newer name - the "Soft Shell"...... What is the problem here? The Problem is, it was 2nd down, all the eagles were trying to do was pick up 7-10 yards to make 3rd down more manageable.  We gave them more than that.

There is nothing worse than giving yourself the worst possibly positions to succeed... So I ask you? Is it worse to not know what your strengths are(Sheridan) or is it worse to know what your strengths are and not utilize them (Lewis/Fewell).

I think Fewell is not Sheridan, in fact, he is way worse. You can argue injuries and no offseason but when you start taking away from your greatest strength, there will be nothing that you can do right. Fewell is not Sheridan... He is way worse.

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