New York Giants News And Notes: Game Previews Galore

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Just a little bit of reading material for you before you head off to whatever activities you have planned for this Saturday.

Giants-Eagles game preview: A look ahead to Sunday's meeting at MetLife Stadium |

There's a lot about this game that favors the Philadelphia Eagles, I believe: their starting cornerbacks' playing well of late, the absence of Giants' linebacker Michael Boley possibly opening the door for a big day from LeSean McCoy, the rookie linebackers who will have to fill the void for Boley and the fact it's do-or-die for Philly whereas the Giants have some wiggle room.

The line (Giants by 4) is also talking to me because that should be higher. But frankly, the move from 3 to 4 means it's talking to me less.

All said, I could see an Eagles victory on Sunday. But I don't see an Eagles victory on Sunday.

Coughlin's Corner |

Q: I understand that you're not particularly a reflective person, but this is your 250th regular season game as an NFL head coach. Can you tell me from your first game until now something that is significantly different about the NFL?

Coughlin: "I think the style of play has changed. I think the colleges have changed. The colleges have changed their style. Therefore, the players coming out of college football have grown under different systems, many times, than what we feature here in the NFL. So there is an adaptation, a training, a developmental period, with a lot of players that are coming out. And I think it's, quite frankly, nothing to see 40 passes per game now. That's changed a lot."

Michael Boley Injury Update: Mark Herzlich, Giants Rookie Linebackers, Will Have To Step Up - SB Nation New York

"The better I play, the better my story gets," Herzlich said. "And obviously my goal right now during the season, in general right now, is to play better. I've beaten cancer, it's in my past, but at the same time I continue to be proud of what I've accomplished.

"I'm itching. I'm itching to play defense. I've been playing special teams my whole life, too. I mean, to people who don't play in the league or follow it real closely, they think special teams is just something off to the side. Just because the camera doesn't follow us on every play doesn't mean we don't take it very seriously. I know we take a lot of pride in special teams. If I get a chance in defense, great; if I don't, I'll get my pride on special teams."

The Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys Are Overrated |

Giants Vs. Eagles: When New York Has The Ball - SB Nation New York

Giants Vs. Eagles: When Philadelphia Has The Ball - SB Nation New York

Giants will try to finish off Eagles this time -
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The New York Giants had their chance to bury the Philadelphia Eagles a year ago and failed miserably.

Didinger: Eagles-Giants Scouting Report

Sizing up Sunday’s game between the Eagles (3-6) and the New York Giants (6-3) at MetLife Stadium.

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