Losing never feels good, but if there is any bright side to be found in our loss to the 49ers, it is that the Giants with their gutsy play and never say die attitude have proven that this team is for real.  Unfortunately for us so are the San Francisco 49ers, they simply played better than we did.

And perhaps another 4th quarter comeback was too much to ask for.  Perhaps converting on 4th down 3 times in one drive was too much to ask for. But this team is good and should be able to play more consistently and that’s not too much to ask for.  

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When the Giants went for it on 4th down with 2 timeouts and over 3 minutes left with the ball on their own 35, I couldn’t believe it.  Who is this team, I thought, and what have they done with the real NY Football--conservative is our middle name--Giants.  When Manningham caught the ball, I thought, could we really pull this off again?  For a moment there, it looked like yes we could, but then on 3rd and 2  with just over a minute left, in the Red Zone, we run for no gain and seconds later all hopes of another 4th quarter comeback were dashed by a batted ball on another 4th down play. 

Consistency is the only thing holding this team back.  They have the guts and play calling ability to go for it and convert two 4th down plays, but on 3rd and 2 they run.  It was the Mendillo family consensus that that call was pretty stupid, maybe, maybe if we had Bradshaw but not with your 3rd string running back and definitely not when you have Eli Manning.  Pass, if no one is open in the end zone have someone on a short crossing pattern or dump it off to Ware then.  But take two shots at the end zone.  

Of course, then you’re relying on inconsistent wide receivers--one minute Cruz and Manningham are making brilliant catches, the next minute their taking their eyes of the ball or giving up on routes and causing interceptions.   

Eli isn’t without blame either, he threw a few up there that should have been intercepted and weren't only by the grace of the football gods, so he needs to make better decisions more consistently as well. 

As for the defense, they did a nice job against the run, but a week ago this team was able to disrupt Tom Brady's rhythm.  Why couldn’t we have done the same to Alex Smith?  Instead he, in Brady-like fashion, completed passes at will. 

Now, consistency is not perfection, no team, especially our Giants, can be expected to play perfectly, but more consistently isn’t too much to ask for and that’s on the coaches. 

If the Giants learn anything from this game, it should be that they need to play more consistently throughout games, we have to start off stronger, stop playing from behind, we can’t win every game in the last 2 minutes. Can’t let up either if and when we do take the lead. Something worth noting before we take on the Eagles this Sunday. 

Here’s another bright side, put away the Eagles this week in convincing fashion and hopefully we’ll never have to hear about the Jackson punt return ever again!

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