Some thoughts on the Eagles game

1. The Eagles will be a better team without Vick at the Helm.

The Eagles showed that Vince is #2 on their depth chart against the Cardinals. His presence means the Eagles will go with a run-heavy attack on Sunday, which is exactly what their players and fans have been clamoring for all season. Young is not exactly a stick in the mud when it comes to mobility either, so it's not like the Giants can just abandon their QB spy for the day. Despite what anybody says, Vince has played at at NFL starter quality level before, and there's no reason to think he can't on Sunday.

2. We really need Michael Boley out there. More than Nicks, or Bradshaw, or Prince. After the loss of Goff to IR, Boley became our playcalling veteran leadership out there. Sure, Kiwanuka is a beast, but he's not calling plays and doesn't have as much experience. His job is mostly just to destroy. If we lose Boley, our Defense will have the equivalent of a 3rd-string DQB running it ... and that's very bad for LOS adjustments.

3. The Giants need to continue committing to the run. They proved they would against SF, and I really want to see it here. I think Philly can be abused up the gut & at the LOS. Gotta do it. Lookin' at you, B-Jake. This is NOT a game in which we want Eli to throw 40+ times. The Eggs have potential for a pick 6 at any moment, and we don't need any momentum swings in this one.

4. Don't write off the Eagles. Never mind Any Given Sunday. Never mind the divisional factor. They've got 53 talented guys who will be boiling with desire out there to shit on our season. There is nothing like playing spoiler for your hated rival. It's a powerful motivator and it will be at work. Here's the other thing: When you make a team that's playing poorly believe in itself, its contagious. It catches like wildfire and soon the team is consumed: WE can DO THIS! The Giants need to get out there and win the first quarter, and then the second. (Then the 3rd). (Then the 4th). I am not interested in a close game.

5. Win the mistakes battle. The Eggles have been finding ways to throw away games all season long. Let's face facts: With a handful of bad calls, poor choices, dropped balls, etc. -- oh and if we traded QBs (Vick chokes) -- the Eagles and Giants might be in reverse position. Point being, if the Eagles do NOT shoot themselves in the foot, we gotta go win this game. We have got to win the turnover battle, the penalty battle, and the good decisions. Andy Reid knows how to beat the Giants. We've gotta know how to beat the Eagles, who have been the best team in the NFL so far at beating the Eagles.

6. We'd better win. Here's some exacting scientific research I did over the course of several years:

BGN member visits to BBV between April and September 25: 400 gazillion.

BGN members to visit since it became obvious their team sucked: 3

BGN members who will flood BBV Monday if the Eagles win: 500 gazillion.

What do I think the Giants need to do to keep bleeding green envy outta here until next year?

Run that rock, capitalize on turnovers, contain McCoy, red zone efficiency, and of course,

Step up and make big plays.

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