The Giants vs the NFC West and other musings about the future

I'm not sure if I ever typed it into the internet, but one of the reasons I thought the Giants would most assuredly improve or stay equal to last year's record, even with a seemingly tougher schedule, was that we played the NFC West. Last year the Falcons got to 13-3 partly on the basis that they swept the NFC West. Same deal with the Buccs last year. Seeing that, it isn't as surprising to see the Buccaneers fall flat on their face this year, and the Falcons not looking as good as they did last year.Even the horrid panthers last year got their only two wins vs the NFC West.

The last time the NFC East played the NFC West, it was pretty much carnage. Not so this year. In fact, look at the Eli's stats vs NFC West teams and then non-NFC West teams:


Opponents Wins Losses TDs INTs Yards Y/A Y/G Cmp %
vs NFC West
2 9 6 1275 8.56 318.75 64.43
Vs Others
4 1 8 2 1413 8.26 282.6 61.99 4/3

HTML tables

Completions, Attempts, Completions/Game, Attempts/Game (excuse my laziness, inserting charts in a pain)

NFCW: 96, 149, 24, 37.25

Others: 106, 171, 21.2, 34.2


Wow. I mean I was actually surprised when putting the stats together. In pretty much every stat, Eli's numbers were better vs the NFC West than the East.

But one thing stands out: Interceptions. Eli has thrown 75% (6) of his picks in 4 games the NFC West, vs only 2 in all 5 other games. Eli's multiple interception games only came vs the NFC West. There's something we've learned the last few years, it's the team that wins the turnover battle that more likely than not wins in the end. This is reflected by the wins category.


So what does this mean?

Well on the plus side, we're 3-0 vs the AFC East. Y'know, the "good" division. The Cowboys are currently 1-2 vs the division which pretty much negates out our suckitude against the NFC West, for now (stupid Bills couldn't win one game...) They still have games vs the dolphins and cardinals. It wouldn't be unfair to say that the Cowboys could sweep both. The only other nondivisional game left for them is the Buccaneers, a jeckyl and hyde team that could go either way.

The game vs the Jets becomes that much more important. If we beat them, losing to the Saints and Packers wouldn't matter much except for pride. We're 4-0 vs the AFC East and 2-2 vs the NFC West, while the Cowboys are 2-2 vs the AFC East and 4-0 vs the NFC West.  If it does unfold this way, it'll set up a very tight divisional race. Whoever get the most wins vs divisional opponents will win the NFC East.

I'll repeat for emphasis: Whichever team has the best record vs the divisional rivals, will win the NFC East.

So remember when when most of us wanted the Cowboys to beat the Eagles and end their misery there? Good thing they didn't.

The Giants are 1-1 in the division as are the Cowboys, and both of us are playing a rival this upcoming week.

The last 4 weeks will see the Giants and Cowboys play each other twice in 4 weeks, with the last game of the season potentially setting up the road to the post season.


Or maybe not. We'll see

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