I'm Not A Cliff Jumper.

It seems to me that the "cool" thing to do on this site is for the "real" fans to bash the "fake" fans, calling them cliff jumpers, idiots, moron, you name it. The last time I checked, at least in the intellectual world, if your argumentative response is to call someone an idiot, you are just speaking of yourself. On this site we have some very very level headed fans (AJ in VA, tito, willfglass, etc). We also have some cliff jumpers that show up when the team is losing and bash everyone and everything. You all know who I am talking about.

Mocking them is fine, sure, but remember we have those on this site that are on the other side of the spectrum. Sure, its great to look for the silver lining in things, but when it gets to the point when you are blatantly ignoring issues we have, it's going to far. Once again, you all know who I'm talking about. So:

Am I happy we are 6-3? Yeah. Do. I see issues with the team and do I think we could be better? Yeah.

I wont proclaim that i know more about football than everyone here, because I don't. So, I'm asking you guys who have more football knowledge than I to a few questions.



In my mind, athleticism certainly isn't an issue, so what's left is experience and intelligence. Every time we complete a pass, its because Eli threads the needle on a gorgeous throw or the receiver makes a fantastic catch. We see it with Eli week after week. If he's not great (and he was pretty awesome yesterday), we don't seem to win. Meanwhile, San Fran has Alex Smith. Not the worst, not the best. He's more or less just there. How come every time he throws the ball, he has someone WIDE OPEN right in the middle of the field? We have seen our team get burned like this every week, and we all throw are hands up and yell at Fewell and ask why the guy is always wide open. It's becoming repetitious.

Are the defensive personnel just that much better? If so, at what position. We were getting torched before Boley came out, so that's not the reason either. I just want to know. Is it there linebackers? Their secondary? If not, than it has to be the coaching. We were taking an average quarterback with decent wide receivers and they throwing all over us up and down the field. We have seen it happen to us before, against Washington and Seattle. Yet we have Eli with guys like Nicks, Ham. Cruz, and Ballard, and the only completions we get are perfect, threading the needle throws.

So what's the difference there????

On the other side of the ball, the offense lacks creativity. Go back and look at San Frans 2-point conversion. It was a smartly designed play that got them into the end-zone. We had a 2nd and 2 and we couldn't get 2 yards on 3 plays. I don't know how many of you were in the game thread, but if you were you saw that at least 10 people in there were able to call that damned delayed draw the last 3 times it happened. If regular fans, mostly drunk and angry, are able to predict a play, well than I'm sure as hell San Fran's coaching staff could. My issue is that I believe we are being outsmarted and out-coached.

Yes, we put up 20 points. Putting up points never seems to be the issue. But just watching the games, it seems we put up points based off of amazing plays week after week than tend to give me mini heart-attacks. If San Fran's offense, without Frank Gore, can march down the field on us that easily, than why can't we?

Yes, Eli has shown he can lead the team from down to win in the 4th. Yes, he has proven he is a great QB than we can trust in any game. But why does it have to come down to that? Why can't this team play smart, quality football the entire game, like great teams should. Many of you say we beat ourselves, and San Fran didn't beat us. Especially one certain mikey fellow in the game-thread. Well, if this is true, how do we not have issues we should be worried about. If we are beating ourselves shouldn't we, as fans, be addressing the issues instead of ignoring them.


If it makes you happy, and you have better nothing to say, call me a cliff-jumper. But I'm not that. I'm a a fan that is frustrated at his team for being out smarted and frustrated at his fans for mocking everyone who disagrees with them, instead of actually having a discussion. I'm just looking to know what the differences are. Technicalities, player chemistry, coaching ability, athleticism, whatever. I wan't to know why we're being burned left and right by average and below average quarterbacks, and I wan't to know why every time Eli gets to go no-huddle we are 300% better than when Gilbride runs the game from the sidelines. 

By all means, the floor is open.



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