Am I crazy?Boycott! Have our voice heard!

Let me start by saying that I have been a giant fan for over 40 years. I remember some amazing teams and some pretty bad ones. I celebrated the Super Bowl wins and stuck with the team after both of the "Miracles at the Meadowlands".However, there are two things that frustrate me week in and week out, and have for ages. I know that it frustrates many of you as well because I talk with a lot of other Giants fans. It's this:

I am done with Tom Coughlin as our coach and with Eli as our Quarterback. I could go into a variety of reasons but you all know them. Whether it's an environment that doesn't foster free agents wanting to come play or his disciplinary approach that doesn't produce a disciplined team, Tom Coughlin, no matter whoever is available out there, is not a coach I can stand behind. Eli, though thought of as a "top tier" quarterback, makes terrible decisions, has a very inaccurate arm and is clearly going backwards. Worse yet, I cannot stand that ridiculous look on both of their faces when something bad happens; like disbelief that they actually failed at something. It's sanctimonious, and I am done watching it.

Join me by sending a message to management. If you agree, don't buy merchandise, don't go to games, don't watch games until they replace Coughlin and trade Manning while he has value (though I cannot imagine why he would). This isn't about hating the Giants, but rather sending a message that these guys need to go, and with it mediocrity and a team that folds when it matters most.

Please don;t respond by talking about injuries, scheduling, underperformance, etc. THIS ISN"T ABOUT THEIR RECORD. It's about a team that is being piloted poorly and a quarterback who is overpaid and underperforming, and both things have been happening for a while.

If you truly have followed the Giants, you know that if they don't get on a run and make the playoffs a few years back, with an eventual Super Bowl, Coughlin was in jeopardy of being canned and Eli was going to be on the hotseat. Tyree catches a ball on his head and we celebrate  (happilly) and Manning and Coughlin get a free pass for the next decade? I think not!

I will continue to love the team in my heart, but I won't give the management any support until they dump those two, at which time I will come back to the team full throttle with whomever they bring in.

This isn't about just being disgruntled, but completely disagreeing with a management that thinks these two are the best around. 

Join me and be heard!

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