At the quarter mark, what I'd like to see

A quarter of the way into the season, this is what I'd like to see the Giants do moving forward. The month of October is going to be very important to the season given the second half of the schedule being a rough one, but really, are there any easy games in the NFL? I think not, but at least Miami is in there.

Tom Coughlin - Keep doing what he's doing. The Giants have historically played really well in October under him for the most part. Dealing with what he's had to deal with this season is no easy task and who can complain with 3-1 taking that into consideration?

Eli Manning - See above. Eli is currently playing out of his mind. Stay efficient, play smart. The only thing I'd like to see him do better is get up to the line a little quicker and that isn't all his fault to begin with.

Greg Jones - Continue to step up and do your job like we all know you can. I really like what I see out of the kid, but still has to play a little nastier in the run game because of his stature. I think with a couple more games under his belt, the game will slow down for him. You don't get to be a two time All-American if you stink up the joint.

Ahmad Bradshaw - Keep plugging away. I know he hasn't really broken out yet, but he will.

Brandon Jacobs - Hit. The. Hole. I can't tell you how many TV's I could've broken when he does a little shuffle at the line. It destroys his momentum and takes away his game. He is a beast. He should act like it.

Secondary - These guys haven't done nearly as bad of a job as I expected when we got the injury bug a little more than a month ago. Still, they have to stay consistent and be as physical as PF's system allows.

Speaking of PF - Defense has been really good considering, but how about switching up some coverage schemes every now and then? Everyone knows that our secondary personell's strong suit is to be physical at the line, so why not play to our strengths every now and again? These are professional football players. I'm sure they can handle a scheme that makes the Offense guess a little more. But Overall, I can't complain.

JPP - You just make me smile.

Special Teams - Please make a play somewhere.

KG - As much as I call for your head every year, I have to say I've been impressed so far this year. The only thing I'd like to see a little more of is mixing in a run action on 3rd and short every so often. I shouldn't be able to know what you're going to run when I watch the game.

Michael Boley - When did we get THIS Michael Boley and how do we keep him around?

Osi - Listen, I know you are a phenominal pass rusher and you are one of the best in the league at it, but one trick ponies don't get the big pay day you want. Play the run better. He is a large, strong human being. He should stand up to the run a little better and not have us complain about him being a liability in that aspect of the game.

Overall, I can't be more thrilled than how the way things have panned out. Especially beating the Eagles. Personally, my wife is an Eagles fan and we never watch those games together, but nothing has given me a greater joy than to be stuck in Newark airport at that time and having her storm off into a crowd of people with all our luggage leaving me to close the bar tab and losing her for an hour. The second half of the year is going to be a monster, so we have to get as many W's as we can against teams we should beat. Like the Eagles again. And those god damn Cowboys.

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