Giants Fan Spotlight: andiamo708

Ladies and Gentlemen of Big Blue View I present to you the first installment of a series I intend to move forward with until I no longer contribute to this website. I apologize fore the delay, I am lazy. Before we get into it, a big thanks for those who have already answered questions and joined in on the fun. I hope more decide to tag along as the series goes on.

Up first is someone you all know. Easily one of the most knowledgeable posters of all things Giants football, and someone who I look to when I have questions about the secondary: andiamo708.


-Andi, pease explain to us the origin of you're screen name.

It’s my actual nickname.  My Grandfather used to always say that to me when I was little (It means "let’s go" in Italian).  I guess he said it a lot b/c it stuck.  I added "708" b/c that’s my name on ESPN as Andiamo was already taken (probably by me and I just forgot the password)….after about 6 bans I’m now "Andiamo……708" at ESPN for those keeping score at home.

-What's your name? Do you have a nickname?

My government name is Adam Planica.

-Would you like to share with us a photo of yourself in some Giants garb?


This is me in Albany 3 years ago (shown above) and the Ex & Ahmad

-How did u find about BBV?

I stumbled upon BBV in the Summer of ’09.  At that point I used to just hang out at ESPN and read links that the fellas would share on the draft board, hit up MG’s, RV’s, etc.  In an effort to absorb as much Training Camp material as possible I would literally do random searches on Google.….when I found BBV it was like discovering plutonium….BY ACCIDENT!

-How long were u reading BBV posts/comments before you started posting yourself?

I was reading BBV for about .9 seconds before I made my first comment.

-Do you remember your first comment?

No, but I found it:  "good stuff.  I like this site a lot, keep up the good work…"

-Where do you root from?

It used to be Gravesend, Brooklyn but I recently moved to Astoria (Queens)…been in the city a little over 7 years now, formerly from Upstate NY (Sullivan County).  Born in Alberta, Canada. 

-Where do you comment from, and should you be when you are?

From work and from home….and yes (em) I should be commenting from work.  

(For those keeping score at home, we're 2 for 2 in BBVers commenting from work)

-When did you start rooting for the Giants? What's your first Giants memory?

My father was a Giants fan, so I was a fan before I can even remember memories.  It shames me to say this but I can’t even remember my first Giants memory, but I remember Phil McConkey being my favorite player, and I also remember my father watching that classic play when LT chased that RB down from behind in the backfield and telling me how special it was….I remember being like "well, isn’t he supposed to do that?!?!"….lol




-What's your fondest Giants memory?

Pretty close here….has to be between "wide right" (I was on the verge of a early life crisis, practically holding back tears…pops was cool as a cucumber) and "Manning to Tyree" (don’t know about you guys, but when Tyree caught that ball, did anyone NOT think we scoring that go ahead TD?). 



-And your worst?

S.F. playoff game (you know the one).  Honorable mention would be the Ravens SB, but I was annihilated and can’t remember much.  Fortunately I was told the following morning that it was cancelled after the 3rd Q and never rescheduled.


-It's 1:00 PM EST the Giants are on, where do you watch the Games?

In my apartment!  I don’t like going to bars for the game, or even to friends. I don’t like subjecting people to "Game Day Adam" if I don’t have to. 

-Have you been to the stadium, if so, what was the last game you saw? Tell us about it.

Last game I went to was in ’09 – Giants vs. Redskins season opener.  Cweb has a sick pick on the sidelines and also beat the snot out of Santana Moss.  I think Osi had a strip sack to and someone may have taken it to the house.  Last year I didn’t go to a game (my ex had the ticket hook up)

-If you could have a catch with any player on the Giants, who would it be?

Corey Webster


-If you were in a position of power, which Giant would you choose for a body guard?

Mitch Petrus or Linval Joseph

-Which player who's not on the Giants do you wish we had? Why?

Tramon Williams.  I’m a big fan of Cornerbacks and I know the Giants have depth there but I think he’s one of the better ones in the NFL.  Also, I would love it if he DIDN’T play for GB, who IMO is the team to beat right now.



-What do you expect from the Giants as a team this season?

I expect 10-6 record or 11-5.  This team will make the playoffs!  I just hope they’re healthy when they get there. I expect 2 thousand yard WRs (Nicks and MM), and AB to log 1K yards rushing.  I also think JPP will erupt onto the scene this year like a bat outta hell.  Lastly, I expect Barden to prove to everyone that I’m not a delusional nut case that everyone thinks I am.


Thanks again Adam! Simmsy I need pictures so I can do you next!

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