Focus On The NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles Edition

To complete our bye week 'Focus On The NFC East' series, today we look at the Philadelphia Eagles. 'Disappointing' might not be a strong enough word to describe the start to the season for the 2-4 Eagles.

Let's stick with the letter 'D' when it comes to the Eagles, whose defense has been dreadul thus far in 2011. If you think this team is dead your dreaming because Philadelphia is still supremely talented, making them dangerous the rest of the way.

Fast Facts

Record: 2-4
Victories: St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins
Losses: Atlanta Falcons, Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills
Record of Remaining Opponents: 25-29, .463 winning percentage

Bleeding Green Nation Says (When asked to asses the Eagles thus far)

Can I just write "LOL" and let that be my whole answer? Seriously though, it's obviously been a disappointing start to the season for the Eagles. What's even more frustrating is that you see that they're talented enough to win these games, they just do really stupid things to blow it at the end.

So is that reason for encouragement or more doubt? Certainly it's good to know the team is talented enough, but how often do you see teams smarten up? It seems like that's something you either are or aren't. Things were a lot better against the Redskins, so we're certainly hoping that game was a sign of better things to come.

Bleeding Green Nation's View Of The Giants

I was starting to really believe in them before they got beat at home by the Seahawks. Who saw that coming? In the end, I think they're an inconsistent team that doesn't have a lot of depth. Of course, that's probably a good description of every NFC East team at this point.

And The Winner Is ...

This is hard to say simply because we haven't see all these teams play each other yet and that's probably going to go a long way to deciding the division. Eagles vs Cowboys in two weeks is big and I know the Giants have a lot of late division games....

But if I had to give an answer right now, I guess I'd have to say it's the Giants to lose right? They're leading now, they've got a very winnable game coming up and they've been the most consistent. I honestly think the Eagles and Cowboys are more talented than this Giants team, but obviously that isn't always what matters.

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