NFC EAST Schedule Comparisons UPDATED 10/21

This post isn't anything you don't already know but I thought some folks could appreciate seeing a side by side comparison of the division games.

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Obviously the way scheduling works the division plays the same teams with the exception of 2 games. Those 2 games are marked in red for each team above. (ofcourse I know Dallas never plays Dallas and Giants never play the Giants, etc  :-)  ) For a really detailed explanation on how scheduling works check out Willgfass' post Breaking down the Schedule for the NFC East Teams. That post has made me look like an NFL guru among my footballs buddies and acquaintances. Kudos to Willgfass - I really enjoyed reading that post.

So here are the 2 games in question for each team:

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It's pretty obvious the Redskins have the advantage in the 2 games above but one thing to note they benched their "star" QB.

The next easiest schedule - I'd have to go with Eagles. - Thing to note here they already lost to the Falcons and I think the Bears have a legitimate chance to beat them.

Cowboys are next on the list and already lost to the Lions and it wouldn't suprise me if Bucs hand them a lost - that Saints game has given them loads of confidence which I think Dallas is lacking.

The Giants 2 games without a doubt is the toughest but really what game is easy for the Giants. I'd be just as nervous watching the Giants play the Vikings or Panthers because we don't always destroy weak teams like we should. (Sad to say but the Seahawks game wasn't that surprising- it pissed me off something awful but didn't surprise me completely).


Division Battles: To me it's all about defending the HOUSE!

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Giants have not played at home yet.
Redskins lost 1 at home (to Eagles)
Cowboys have not lost at home yet.
Eagles lost 1 at home (to Giants)

I want to see lots of Blue boxes next month but at worst the Giants need to defend the house and have all blues in their column.

Common Games:

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? = Not taken place
Color = they won

So what do we make of all this - absolutely nothing, We can try to use this to forecast or debate whatever but it all comes down to the individual teams and how they perform through the entire season and adjust to injuries.  You could argue however the significance of all this could play a role should there be tie breakers to consider but that's a whole other post. (The NFL has a complex and pretty fair system of deciding tie breakers)

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