My day at Metlife Stadium(All access)

 Our adventure started when my dad won a $20 raffle to go see the giants and recieve all access passes.  Now my dad never wins anything and as two die-hard Giants fans.  We were pretty psyched. Things we got to do that day:

  See the entire stadium minus the locker rooms, be on the field for pregame warmups, we saw the TV control room, the Radio booth, met Carl Banks and Bob Papas, walked past Jerry Reese and John Mara outside their booth.  And most importantly, saw the Giants get a W.  For the details and photos, read after the jump.


Our day started by a car ride down to the stadium with 4 bills fans(brother-in-law and his family).  This made for quite a long car ride home after the results of the game.  We had to report to the desk by 11:30 to get our passes.  My Dad and I were concerned because there were at least 100 people waiting for field passes, it was quite confusing.  Apparently, they raffle off  pre-game field passes to certain tier PSL holders.  We were quite relieved when we received our passes and were told they were special and to wait for our guide.  We were waiting for our guide, when my phone rang it was the Direct of Operations calling to ask why we weren't on the field.  So to the field we headed.  We stayed there for a few minutes, but not many players were out so we then went and saw the behind the scenes rooms.  The Entertainers have their own locker room, The TV Control room looks like it runs a battlefield, and the press box is as quiet as a library.  We then went back down to the field, and the timing could not have been more perfect.  The Giants were running out of the locker room out for practice.


Let me just say, you do not realize how huge some of these players are.  Canty was a literal Giant.  So we head out to the field and watch the Giants warm up.  Some surprises were that Eli warms up by throwing to all WR's, DB's and safeties.  That was something unexpected for me.


Tuck was leading the DL on drills in the endzone after the stretching.  It was good to see that even when not playing they all take oa n other roles.  Jacobs walked about 5 feet away, greeted all the kids that were up front.  It was really awesome to see how each different player warms up.  Some were dancing to the stadium music just all loose before the game, others were ultra serious.  It was just a cool experience, you could see the players' personalities come out. When the practice was over we headed to our seats.  We were on the Giants sideline near the endzone, got to see them enter through the tunnel and my dad almost snapped a picture of Ahmad in the air after his first TD.


 At the end of the 2nd half, our guide returned and brought us up to the Press box again, this time to see the Radio booth, and meet Bob Papas and Carl Banks.  We actually got to meet Carl Banks on the field before the game as well.   We watched the TD drive from the Radio booth and met the guys during a commerical break.  It was surreal to hear the radio commentary, while watching the game live.  It was the best of both worlds.  I could have watched the entire 2nd half in that booth and been happy, but the other 2 people on the tour wanted to go back to our seats.  As we are leaving the Radio Booth, we pass Jerry Reese and John Mara in the hall.  We did not introduce ourselves  since that seemed beyond the scope of the day.  Here is a shot of Carl Banks at work in the radio booth.


As we were in the press box we saw Rachel Nichols walking around on her cell phone and grabbed some food.  After the game we were supposed to go to Coughlin's press conference but ended up at the My9 post game show and after Kevin Boothe's interview we headed out to head home.

Here is the testimony of how classy the Giants organization is,  the next day I got a phone call from the Director, asking how everything went and making sure that the experience was what we were hoping for.  I figured after the game, our number would be lost and that would be that.  I let him know, pretty much what this post says that it was a once in a lifetime day, and that I am totally envious of his job.  I hope we were not too much of a bother so other fans in the future get to experience what we did, because it was awesome.

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