too bad the media byte is the call

Didn't like:

Our inability to stop the run. While Washington and St. Louis shredded our secondary, I thought our run defense was stout. Against Philly, our DB play was a key factor and running was IIRC, average (you do the research). In this game, Beanie Wells did very well. I didn't have that feeling of being more comfortable in 3rd and 3 than in 3rd and 14. His total yds were 138 with a 5.1 YPC with a  team total of 154. Solid running numbers for AZ. I'd like to keep teams under 100, obviously, but overall it was the right gameplan to win ... they only burned us deep once (LF) leading to a TD.

Our O-line play. Boothe was disastrous. Adam Koets, where art thou? Don't believe for a minute AB and BJ had a bad game (although I would have liked to see more BJ). There were no holes. The Giants carried the ball 21 times for 57 yards. Not "Giants football." Does that comment mean that Coughlin & Gilbride are dynamic and current while I am an inflexible old codger?


I am 12-2 in my money pool right now. Cincy and San Fran. And that's like 13-1 for a Giants fan.



Eli (aka passing game). I wanted the team to lean on the pass. That's a first for stodgy old me. I wanted Eli to be the best player on the field and dictate the game. He did. Tito, here's to you. And it's a pattern this year. 8 TDs 2 INTs, 105 rating. He's making smart decisions based perhaps on his receiving corps. Can't speak to the coverage schemes but Nicks put up yards, Ham was noticeable. Ballard > Beckum.

Oh, and Victor Cruz : > SS12

Justin Tuck. Dude was a factor out of pads. That's a leader. So was Dave Tollefson, who I might want to trade to AZ for a 1st-round pick and Patrick Peterson.

Coaching. Play-calling on both sides, game management, scoring decisions, everything. This is a smart, principled staff.


Weatherford. I associate him with the ST improvement.

I just improv'd this, no effort to be sharp here, please use this as your thread to shout out sh* you liked and disliked from the game.

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