NYG Mock v1 (3 Rounds)


The Giants first 3 picks. I tried to go best available player, while considering need. With the picks and the alternates, some of these guys may not be around when we pick, some may be around long after but it’s January so obviously we have no idea what’s going to happen. I appreciate comments, criticism etc. For what it’s worth, my thoughts on the Giants needs in no particular order.

-All offensive line positions (Not depth, immediate or future starters)
-RB (One that can handle 20-25 carries a game/doesn’t fumble)
-DT (Pending Cofield)

1. Gabe Carimi (OT) Wisconsin

I like this guy. He’s big, like the Giants like them, and he was a star for a power-running football team. That being said, he also battled some of the nation’s best end’s in Clayborn and Heyward to a complete standstill. If Beatty pans out as LT, then he’ll be an excellent right tackle. If Beatty doesn’t, then he’ll still be better in our system than David Diehl

Alternates: Akeem Ayers (LB) UCLA, Brandon Harris (CB) Miami

Let’s get this straight. I love Brandon Harris. He’d add some much needed speed and physicality to our team. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to get a bump post-combine and be out of our reach. Unless the guy is an elite athlete on defense, I don’t want him. Akeem Ayers is an elite athlete, but I worry he’s kind of like Michael Boley in that he’s soft. I could be wrong but New York Giants defenders are supposed to be physical.


2. Bruce Carter (LB) North Carolina

Remember what happened last time we drafted a UNC outside linebacker? No? Me neither. In all seriousness, Carter should fall because he won’t work at the combine. If he shows enough regarding his health, this could be the steal of the draft. This guy is elite, he’s physical, he plays the run and he plays the pass. The only thing he doesn’t do is rush the passer and I’m pretty sure we have our fair share of those guys.


Alternates: Kris O’Dowd(C) USC, Jimmy Smith(CB) Colorado

Kris O’Dowd is awesome, I totally wouldn’t mind picking him here. When O’Dowd was a true freshman he dominated the soon to be NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Jimmy Smith is a big physical corner with decent speed. I like him to match up against the Dez Bryant/Miles Austin types. Carter is still light years ahead of them.

3. Rashad Carmichael (CB) Virginia Tech

Walterfootball has Kris O’Dowd going 2 picks before ours in the third. If we somehow draft him, these first three rounds would be mindblowingly amazing. Not going to happen. No way O’Dowd gets past the second. I worry that Carmichael won’t be around, he’s fast, he’s got ball skills and he’s a proven blitzer. It’s still January though so he’s the pick for now, and that would be fantastic.

Alternates: Orlando Franklin (OG) Miami, Mark Herzlich (OLB) Boston College

Franklin is a big strong dude, but he may be too tall to play guard. He definitely doesn’t have the feet to play tackle though. Herzlich we all know about. Intelligent player, vocal leader but not that elite athlete at linebacker that I think we need. Not saying he wouldn’t be a good fit, but I don’t know that he would make us significantly better.

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