Burress, Borderline Players and Draft/FA Needs

The New York Giants need changes in the offseason in order to get to where they want to be.

Let's begin with the whole Plaxico Burress discussion.  Do I want him back?  Yes.  Do I think the Giants are going to sign him?  No.  I honestly don't see the Giants signing Plax again.  He was a great guy, aside from a very stupid decision.  (Personally, I don't believe he deserved two years.  Vick and Stallworth did much worse and look what they got).  But, for the sake of discussion, let's say the Giants did sign Burress.  They would have Plax and Hakeem Nicks on the outside, Steve Smith in the slot, and Mario Manningham would be a fourth receiver, and get in on some plays.  That would probabbly not sit well with Ham, since he is young and wants to get consistent playing time.  Also, if the Giants keep Derek Hagan, he would basically be relegated to special teams duty.  Frankly, I believe the Giants want to season Ham and Hagan, and get them more touches.  As I said before, I would love to have Plax back, but I just don't see them doing it, they most likely wouldn't comply with what I wrote.  I would certainly trade Ham and sign Plax, but I just don't think management wants to do it. 

Next, we have some borderline players.  These guys are players that have been here a few years, and have not shown enough to be automatically re-signed.  They will have to do very well in camp to stay.

Clint Sintim- I believe he has promise.  I liked what I saw from him when he was at Virginia.  He was truly a solid LB there.  But, I don't think he is cut out for our 4-3 defense.  He played the 3-4 in college, and I just don't think he has adjusted well at all.  Verdict: Give him one more shot.

Kevin Boss- Overall, Boss is a quality TE.  Not a star, but a solid player nonetheless.  He is a good blocker, has great size, and will make tough catches in traffic.  But, he seems to drop a lot of easy, catchable passes.  He killed us early in the Green Bay game with drops, and that stupid boneheaded play of not recovering the fumble.  Verdict: Boss stays UNLESS we sign/trade for a starting TE.

Travis Beckum- Great TE at Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, he is simply not big enough to be a starting NFL TE.  He can catch well, but can't really block.  We don't even utilize him in the passing game either.  Verdict: Trade him away.

Shawn Andrews- Andrews actually performed very well when healthy.  He is on the list because he can't be trusted as a starter.  I think he knows that all he can be is a sub now.  Verdict: Stays, restructure contract as well.

Rocky Bernard- A terrible signing, I don't know what Reese was thinking on this one.  Verdict: Total goner.

Michael Clayton- Behind Hagen on depth chart (who I think stays easily).  Has potential to be a backup receiver, ST guy.  Verdict: Camp invite.

Michael Boley- Supposed to be a speed guy, solid in coverage and at tackling.  I have not seen either of those attributes.  Verdict: Trade him.

Matt Dodge- Has strong upside, I just don't think he can handle the pressure of New York, especially after this year's horrendous performance.  Verdict: Trade him.

Special Teamers:  Absolutely terrible.  Verdict: Cut all of them.

Free Agents/Draft.

We are in severe need of LBs.  Here are some guys we can sign/draft:

Travis Lewis-Oklahoma.  Good LB, makes plays.

Greg Jones-Michigan State.  Tackling machine.

Chad Greenway- Excellent LB, makes a ton of plays.  Can COVER as well.  A must have.

Mike Peterson- Solid LB, good tackler.  A good player to have.

D'Qwell Jackson- Young, talented LB.  Absolute tackling machine.  Would be great for us.

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