Tom Coughlin

I can't speak for anyone else, but I can say that I am one metro area Giants fan that is pleased to see Tom Coughlin return next season.

For one, the players like him.  The players would not come out and put their necks on the line for a coach they did not believe in.  The players obviously bought in to what he was selling, however, they just could not put it together at times.  I w

Tom Coughlin was outcoached ONE TIME this season, and that was against the FULL STRENGTH (Bob Sanders, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, Joseph Addai, etc. etc.) Indianapolis Colts.  This was a team that looked ready to go 16-0 at that point in the season.  If all of those injuries do not happen, I think you are looking at first round byes not only for Brady and company, but for Peyton as well. 

The Tennessee Titans.  This was 100% on the players.  There is absolutely no argument here.  I'm not going to go back and look up the stats, but I do remember we gave away the ball about 6 times.  I also remember we completely shut down CJ2K until the last 2 drives of the game where our defense was completely out of gas.  They ahd been thrown onto the field countless times during that game at a second's notice because we just could not keep the ball in our possession.  We ran and passed our way up and down the field, only to turn the ball over, over and over and over.  Tom Coughlin came up with the gameplan that shut down CJ and put many many yards on the board.  I'm pretty sure he did not throw and INT or fumble the ball in that game.

Loss number 3, the Dallas Cowboys.  This one is whatever to me.  These matchups go either way.  Last year the Cowboys were awesome and won the division blah blah blah.  And guess what, we beat them twice.  This year the Cowboys sucked and we were supposed to march to the playoffs, and they got a win on us.  I dont get too mad when we split with the Cowboys regardless of records and stats.  I blame Tom Coughlin for nothing here.

Philly - Loss number 1.  Good old fashioned, smashmouth, NFC East, late season football against two teams playing pretty well at that point in the season.  The ball bounced their way a couple more times than it did for us.  I swallowed the loss and pretty much knew we would bounce back, and we did with 3 straight wins.  You could have played this game 10 times and it probably would have spilt 5 and 5 right down the middle.  I'm sure you all remember the play where vick is getting tackled for a loss and pitches it to Mccoy and he runs for a 50 yard TD.  Im sure you all also know that Osi was literally centimeters from knocking that ball to the ground and scooping it up.  Ugh, whatever.   I blame Tom Coughlin for nothing here either.

I want to keep this as short as possible becasue this is the one i will never forget for as long as i live.  Tom Coughlin came up with the gameplan to stop the high flying Eagles.  The players executed the gameplan for 52 minutes to complete perfection (and we watched the Vikings execute the exact same gameplan the next week for 60 minutes).  Tom Coughlin did not commit all the penalties, give up the big plays, and make the special teams mistakes during the next 8 minutes of the game.  The players did.   I blame Coughlin for nothing here, once again.  Lets move on before I punch the Eagles fan sitting in the cubicle next to me. 

For the Packers game I am going to give Coughlin a little blame.  However, he was tasked with motivating a team immediately after one of the worst collapses in sports history.  This is going down with the Mets without a doubt.  Coughlin was faced with almost impossible odds because you know and I know those players were NOT focused.  How could they be?  I expected what happened to happen.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had lots of confidence, and kicked our asses up and down the field from a coaching standpoint, from a trenches standpoint, from a playmaking standpoint, everything.  Kudos to them as I look forward to watching my man Aaron Rodgers try and take out VIck next week.  Coughline gets a half game of blame from me here.

6 Losses, 1.5 of them with blame to Coughlin as far as I'm concerned.  What I do blame Coguhlin for is allowing Kevin Gilbride to ruin his offense.  Kevin Gilbride has no idea what it means to put the nail in the coffin in a close game.  He sucks at calling plays with a lead in the 4th.  He sucks at calling plays trailing in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  He is only good when the team is firing on all cylinders and piling on points.  And what do you know, Eli has consistently been a top notch 2 minute drill, end of the half / end of the game QB.  Why? Because Gilbride is not calling the plays during these times. 

My conclusion - Tom Coughlin is one of the top head coaches in the NFL.  Kevin Gilbride is one of the worst Offensive Coordinators on any level of football, Pop Warner, High School, College, Pro, I'm sure he even sucks in Madden.  I think I actually feel a little better after typing this up.  Therapuetic Gilbride bashing and Coughlin defending. 

Mario Manninghame for president!

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