Giants Ideal (and realistic) mock

I posted this at SB Nation, but figured I'd might as well post this here as well since it's entirely Giants oriented.

I'm using Mocking Dan's Big Board to create value for when the Giants select ultimately I'd hope that players would fall a lot farther and the Giants could get excellent value in all the rounds, but that's not realistic to expect.

Ultimately I hope the Giants trade down if Mark Ingram is not available at 19 overall (or a player that should be top 10 like Prince Akumamara slips due to speed concerns or a Robert Quinn falls for some reason) or Brandon Harris a player I also like a lot.

The Giants have six draft picks this year: 19th overall, 52nd, 83rd, 115th*, 180th*, and 211th*

*subject to change based on if there are compensatory picks added (no idea if that's effected by the CBA or not)

I'll just mention, too, that I am not a believer in drafting for need. It makes no sense to me.

The Draft is a crapshoot and a LARGE majority of franchise starters (4-5 year starters) come from the first two rounds, so after the first two rounds just draft good players. A) it takes many players three years to fully realize their potential and in three years needs change dramatically because of injuries, early retirements, and free agency. B) who cares if you fill a need and a player can't make an impact? Giants have drafted plenty of non-impact linebackers and was anbody really happy with a non impact player drafted just because they played a certain position? Of course not.


1st round pick 19th

Mark Ingram (11th on big board)-I love Mark Ingram and not because I'm an Alabama fan or even an S.E.C. fan. I just like watching college football because I like the stuff surrounding the draft and even though I don't have a particular favorite team I always find myself rooting against the S.E.C.

Anyway, my point is there is no homerism in my want picks because I'm not invested in any on team. I just love Ingram's game. I think he has GREAT vision and patience, I think he's a better than average pass blocker, I think he's a great outlet WR and I think he has underrated game speed. Sure, there are faster players, but I don't ever remember seeing him get caught in the open field and his acceleration is fast. I know Cowboy fans are getting annoyed getting Ingram mocked to them, and I'm hoping that Jones feels the same way because I love Ingram and think he's going to be very good. I think he's Maurice Jones Drew without the return ability (and maybe he can even learn to do that) and I hope the Cowboys don't draft him.

Alternate choices: Brandon Harris, Jimmy Smith Trade down.

I like Harris' game a lot too and Jimmy Smith as well. I think Smith is better than people think he is and I'm not worried about him just being an athlete. I think he's good. Other picks I won't mind (top OL on their board), Aldon Smith, Kyle Rudolph, and Akeem Ayers, but for most of those players I'd hope they would just trade down because I don't love any of them like I love Ingram.

2nd round pick No. 52

Bruce Carter (52 on Big Board)

Obviously any of the players I mentioned above and Mikel Leshoure if any of them happen to fall to the Giants in the second round (which I don't think will happen) would be above Bruce Carter. Also Martez Wilson and CB Johnny Patrick would be nice as well, but I think they will all be gone.

Bruce Carter might not, though, because of his injury and is inability to workout for personnel guys and General Managers might make some of them too nervous to pull the trigger on Carter in round two, but I wouldn't be. He's a legetimate first-round talent. He has some work to do in terms of becoming a better football player, but he has elite athletic ability and he made more than enough plays for me to think he can be a good NFL player, especially on the Giants where they have a good defensive line which should give Carter space to work around the field.

Alternate choices:

Ryan Williams-I still think he's a first-round talent, even if many others don't

WR Titus Young (I don't care if there are more pressing needs, Smith could be hurt and Young is a very nice player)

TE Luke Stocker (I like him)

CB Brandon Burton

OLB Mason Foster (just a gamer)

3rd round pick  pick No. 83

Ahmad Black Safety Florida (95)

The only knock on Black is that he is too small, but that doesn't scare me. I was the biggest Earl Thomas supporter on the web last year and Black plays like Thomas. He has great instincts, he flies around all over the place, he intercepts passes he is willing to get involved in the running game.

Whatever team secures Black is getting a good football player who can make a real impact on the field.

Alternate picks:

Davon House-I think he'll be gone already though.

Best OL available-if there happens to be an OL who falls here like Mockingdan has Ben Iljiana at 117 so maybe he's available or Marcus Canon (I just want one that provides excellent value not one just to pick an OL)

4th round 115th overall

So far in this mock the Giants have Mark Ingram, Bruce carter and Ahmad Black

CB Kendic Burney (132 overall)

As with the 2nd and third round if a player falls further than I expect I'd consider that player.

I know he's undersized and that makes him less likely for the Giants who like big cornerbacks, but he has good ball skills and very good game speed. I think he could excel in Perry Fewell's read and read scheme because of his awarness and ability to get his hands on the ball.

I realy think as long as value matches it when they pick the Giants should grab a cornerback in the draft at some point whether round that may be in.

alternate picks:

OT Jason Pinkston would have been the pick (127th on board) if I thought he would last this far, which I don't (OT are always overvalued because of their positional value) so assuming he's not.

Casey matthews (129th on big board)-I'm not the biggest Matthews supporter early, but you can do a lot worse in the 4th round

Tim barnes (121st), the Giants could use a center if they don't think Koets is the future center (I'm not sure what they are thinking on that one though)

Lance Kendricks (122nd)-Giants could use another tight end Kendricks would be good value here.

6th round 180th pick

OLB Brooks Reed (187th)

I think he can play outside in a 4-3 and at this point would be excellent value though I think his stock is moving up. I liked him before (and mocked him in my Bills draft, too) but he's had a good Senior Bowl so his stock is probably on the way up. In the sixth round you better just take good football players becuase the likelihood that any actually stick with the team long term is slim.

Alternate pick: Zach Pinalto- he has the skill set to play in the N.F.L, but having already mocked Carter and Bruney to the Giants it seemed excessive giving them three from the same college.

7th round pick pick No. 211

Charles Clay FB Tulsa

I'm not sure if he's on Dan's big board, but I think the Giants could find a full back to block who can also carry or catch the ball, but we'll see what happens (Clay can catch0. I'm sure I'll rework this a few times before the draft rolls around this is just how I'm feeling at the moment.

Let me know what you guys think and what is your ideal Giants draft.

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