OK with mediocrity?

Ha, thought I'd grab a few looks with that headline.

Our record is nothing to be embarrassed about at all, and it's not a mediocre record by my account, but what really bothers me is how we just "let go" near the end of the season. We keep coming back to "if" or "what could be", and tend not to focus on what is.

Here are a few things that I've been thinking about as our season has drawn to an end:

Keep the DC. Yes, I know we've had some collapses on the defense recently, but my thinking is this - in the second half of games, obviously, the players are more tired. Couple that with the fact that our offense has had a cluster of "3 and out"s, and that just leaves our defense hanging out to dry. It also is not conducive to one of the Giants' tenets of the past - Eating up the clock

Forget this "Victory Formation" playcalling. It's what I call it, and it may not be properly named, but it's what I call it anyhow. This ties in quite well with the previous point. We even did this today against the Skins: We get a lead, and instead of playing to win, we play not to lose. The defense stops doing what it has done for 2 or 3 quarters, so we get very little pressure; meanwhile, the offense goes into this "run left, run right, run up the middle, punt " crap, also known as the "1,2,3 and punt" mindset. I have argued for years that our OC needs a job elsewhere, and my opinion on this has yet to waiver. Being predictable is not a good trait for the OC to possess. Yards are wonderful, but scoring is more important - and we can't ever put our foot on anyone's throat and finish the deal if we continue this playing not to lose.

Eli needs some leg conditioning, among other things. He runs like he has brickbats for feet, and he needs some strength and conditioning. I bet when he took off with the ball against the Skins today, you were thinking the same thing I was: Get the first down and GET DOWN! He still apparently hasn't learned, Man, he is slow.

Our OL needs several significant upgrades. Obviously, we all have our ideas about this point, and I will retain my thoughts about the exact thoughts on this until we discuss it in depth, but it is time for us to replace some guys.

TC probably should stay. Wow I know I just started a war with this statement, but really with the uncertainty with the CBA, I'm not so sure it would be the best idea to part ways just yet. I can understand reasons for keeping him and reasons for letting him go, but my gut says "keep him".

ST Coach has to go. This has been a black eye for us, and for many reasons. It's time for him to fall on the sword, regardless. Not rocket science here.

The bleeding with the turnovers has to cease. Now I know there are several schools of thought as to why we have this issue, but all of the ideas meet at this crossroads in the end - they simply must cease so that we can at least  have a chance. Bench someone. Curse 'em out. Hurt their pride. Do what needs to be done to kill the turnovers.

While overall I'm not happy with our demise, the record isn't so bad and I'm only embarrassed that we let the end of the season go. Ultimately I think this is a good thing, however: it will force us to look in the mirror and take stock of exactly where we are rather than where we want to be.

For the record, though, never am I, nor would I, be ashamed to be a Giants' fan. I'd rather lose 20 games as a Giant fan than win 20 as a Cowboy fan. 

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