Available Free Agents Giants should pursue and Handle No More

When I first signed up for BigBlueView I was mainly interested in trying to drive any people I could to stop by and check out the site that I write for (but I am not paid to write there, which is why I have no problem also writing here), but I actually like the community and want to fully integrate into it and I just think that it would be easier if it didn't seem like I was trying to hock a website on people so I'm not using anymore as a handle anymore, but will still write there and do encourage people to hit up that site to supplement you're reading here, it's a much smaller community.


I settled on EliManCrushing as my web handle, but also considered





879108Eagles0 (the actual  years of the Superbowl plus a cheap shot at Philly)

But decided on this one.

And starting in probably two weeks I'll be doing detailed prospect profiles there and possibly here.


Anyway, Here's the last post I had on the available free agents for this offseason that the Giants

I'm sure this list will fluctute based on what happens with a C.B.A., but for this excercise I'm going to use footballsfuture as my primary source of information.

I will get much deeper into this as the offseason goes along, but for right now here is a list of players that are going to be available this off-season.


Nothing for the Giants.

Running Backs

DeAngelo Williams

Arian Foster



Ronnie Brown

Ricky Williams

Leon Washington-Be perfect. Could boost the return game and give the Giants a reliable receiver out of the backfield and wouldn't be greatly expensive. (though it seems like the Seahawks would have given him an extension upon the trade for him)

Joseph Addai-under and misused with the Colts could thrive with the Giants and a real running game. Can run and catch the ball out  of the backfield.

Derrick Ward

Danny Ware (just mention because he's on the G-men)

Cedric Benson


The Running back position is of need for the NY Giants in my opinion, and this might be a great time to attack the free agency market on this one. The players that interest me the most are Joseph Addai, who I think is vastly underrated and Leon Washington because Washington can help in the return game and also as a receiver out of the backfield.

Of course if you can get DeAngelo Williams that makes a ton of sense too because he is very, very good.


Chad Greenway

LeMarr Woodley

Tamba Hali

David Harris

Paul Posluzny

Rocky McIntosh

Barrett Rudd

Thomas Davis

Pisa Tinoisoma

Clint Session

Justin Durant'

Kirk Morrison

Danny Clark

Kameron Wimbley

Stewart Bradley

Ernie Sims

James Anderson Carolina

Full List here:

My Take

This is a position that should be addressed in free agency so that the Giants don't feel obligated to reach in the draft.

There are some VERY nice players here in free agency tha the Giants could use as potential long-term Giants not just stop gaps like Keith Bulluck is, or Danny clark was (F.A. Too), or Mitchell (they should have kept him)

James Anderson from carolina is not a well known name but he had 130 total tackles with 3.5 sacks.

Carolina is devoid of talent so I can't imagine they would actually let a productive player like that go, but if they did the Giants should snatch him up.

Kameron Wimbley

Was a dissapointment with the Browns, but with the Raiders (who run a 4-3) this year had 9 sacks this season so he really stepped up his game, but he might not be what the Giants need at OLB in their system.

Paul Posluzny is one of the few middle linebackers I would consider pursuing in Free agency despite Goff's development.

On a terrible Bills defense, Posluzny was one of the few bright spots, this year he racked up 151 tackles, 103 solo. He is young talented and blue collar.  Posluzny does all of this with the Bills while fighting through more blocks than he should have to fight through. His biggest problem is that he gets knicked up a lot, which would mean on the Giants he'd be hurt for entire seasons because that's how their injuries go.

Grenway is the prize in this market and would instantly upgrade the Giants defense. He played much better this year then he had in the past racking up 144 tackles for the Vikings (109 solo)

Rocky Mcintosh is a nice player  and would play well with the Giants, I think.

LaMarr Woodley is a very, very good player, but I don't know if he can play in a 4-3, and #2 he's not going to make it onto the market.

Barret Rudd-is a solid linebacker, who could do well in Fewells scheme.  The question with these middle linebackers is, can they or Goff play outside in Fewell's scheme?

If the Giants think Goff (or Kiwanuk or Sintim) can play outside then the Giants open up the possibilities of getting a good linebacker in free agency whether that be inside or outside, which in my opinion is the way to go.


Nnamdi Asmougha

Champ Bailey

Brent Grimes

Jonathan Joseph

Antonio Cromartie

Josh Wilson Baltimore

Brandon Carr Kansas City

My Take

If your position of needs are RB, CB, and Linebacker as the Giants are, you could be in great position to make a killing in this free agency market.

There are franchise players at each position.

Asmougha is the one for the cornerbacks, Champ Bailey as well.

Some Safeties for depth:

Bernard Pollard would excel at Deon Grant's role, but played well this year and will probably get a more sizeable contract then the Giants are willing to give him.

George Wilson, Buffalo. Another player who would fill Grants role if he leaves, Plus Wilson is EXCELLENT on Special Teams as a tackler and leader.

Lawyer Milloy is old, but still serviceable and could be the next Deon Grant as well.


List here

I don't  think the Giants will pursue a linemen in Free  Agency, at least not a really good one.


Oh, also I did look at the punters, but they'r enot great.

Sam Koch

Adam Podelesh.


However, there was a report recently that the Raiders were annoyed with Shane Lechler and Al Davis is crazy so if that happens that'd be a nice addition.


All right guys, your thoughts.


Did I miss anyone the Giants might consider?

WIll The Giants consider any of these?


I think they will pursue Greenway if he hits the free agent market, but James Anderson would be very nice too he's only 27 and made stops in the run game, got sacks, had 5 passes defensed, had a defensive touchdown.

I think they should pursue Asmougha, I just don't think they will.

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