The Positives of Eli Manning's Season

There are many people out there who are hating on Eli Manning this year, which is acceptable because of the enormous amount of Interceptions that there have been.

And while this post is not defending Eli's atrocious turnovers


And while I'm NOT defending Eli's copious turnovers


I had to write that twice so that people will understand that I'm not trying to say that Eli's turnovers are acceptable.

Eli has also been VERY produtive this season, which is even more remarkable considering how many opportunites the Giants have just flat out wasted.

And while I think Eli has regressed in a couple of areas this season, people saying that Eli Manning is not a franchise QB, or that the Giants need to start over at QB are being, in my personal opinion, dramatic and irrational. Franchise QB don't grow on trees (ask San Fran, Buffalo or Cleveland who have been looking more than a decade for one)


Here are the positives to take from Eli Manning's season (heading into the last game tommorrow @ the Redskins)



Eli Manning has thrown 30 touchdown passes this season.

This is tied for fourth in the league with Phillip RIvers and behind only Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.

Big Plays

Eli Mannign has 55 plays that went over 20 yards, which is Second in the league. Behind only Philip Rivers

Yards per pass

7.4 10th in the league.


3,759 yards on the season, which is the fifth most in the league this year.

Completion Percentage

Eli Manning's completion percentage this year is 63.1, which is 9th in the league.

Sacks taken

16 sacks taken this year. This is 4th least in the league, but as far as players who have played every game, this is second in the league behind only Peyton Manning.  Sometimes he throws it up for grabs instead of taking the sacks, but generally speaking both sacks and Interceptions end possessions. Very rarely do teams get a first down after a sack is registered, the only difference is you don't get the opportunity to punt. I'd also say that this is NOT the product of the offensive line for the most part, Eli gets rid of the ball very quickly.


At worst Eli Manning will register 9 wins this season that's not half bad either.


So as you can see the turnovers are really the only negative you can take from Eli's season this year,  in my opinion. Those have to change next season, but this season was not as terrible as people think it was.

The Giants offensive weapons are some of the youngest offensive weapons in the entire league, which makes a difference. Besides that I think we can all agree that Gilbride doesn't do the best job in creating an environment that is stat friendly. This is not a west coast offense, this is a take risk kind of offense, which hinges on inexperienced WR being on the same page with the quarterback because of all the end of routes, route adjustments.


I truly believe that over the next five years this will be Eli's worst season. I think that the WR will continue to grow and find some consistency and that the Giants will also at some point secure a running back who can really catch the ball out of the backfiled which really helps quarterbacks.


Am I onto something or just crazy?


Have a nice day, everyone.

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